THKTS Vanabhojanam 2012

The Hong Kong Telugu Samakhya , celebrated its annual Picnic (Vanabhojanalu ) on 1st October , 2012 at Clear Water Bay Country Park , organized by Smt. Jaya Peesapaty.


Clear Water Bay Country Park is rural park located in the New Territories of northern Hong Kong. The park is located near the beaches in Clear Water Bay. The 6.15 square kilometre park opened on 28 September 1979 . The main hill is the striking, steep sided High Junk Peak, which at 344 metres dominates a ridge that runs south to the tip of the peninsula. The long ago deforested landscape is dominated by grassland and shrubland. But there is young sub-tropical forest, especially on the eastern slopes of High Junk Peak – making a fine contrast to the cliffs just below the summit.

If  one has not visited earlier , Hong Kong’s landscaping  has both in its urban and rural areas a wealth of visual drama and experience.For a relatively small region , Hong Kong is blessed with a range of landscape that is stunning in its richness and diversity. These landscapes take many forms and offer a variety of differing experiences.Hong Konger’s in general would love to  escape the hustle and bustle of the city for atleast a day--- and  our Telugu Samakhya Vanabhojanam is just the right occasion for an outing and meeting  the Community in totality too!
With almost constant breeze and amazing emerald sea views , Clear Water Bay Country Park offers everything  one need’s  for a family outing . Graciously , the weather was just perfect with cool Autumn winds that cheered kids and adults into Kite Flying !The Clear Water Bay Country Park is a famous spot for kite flying in Hong Kong, and one can buy kites from the tuck shop there with lots of varieties of kites to buy !



Two Bus loads of  THKTS members , released a sigh of relief on arriving under the open skies at the green and beautiful park . After greetings with each other , they quickly settled down with the home made snacks  and Star Bucks coffee !!  By this time itself , kids started enjoying the open lawns and made their parent’s pockets lighter by buying Kites of different sizes and colours.


All the members , enjoyed  the Nature’s beauty and after lunch were happily playing Antakshari , Dumb Charades , and Dancing , forgetting all their stress . One of our THKTS  warm tradition is to ask our new members to  introduce themselves and make them feel homely and comfortable. After  a fantastic  time,  merrily enjoying each others company , had to depart promising to meet soon in the upcoming event Samoohika Satyanarayana pooja in December 2012.

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