TASA Harikatha Program by Smt. Savithri Jayanti

San Antonio residents were treated to highly accomplished Harikatha performances by the eminent Bhagavatharini, Smt. Jayanti Savithri, on Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 and Monday, May 23rd, 2011. The performance on Sunday was conducted at the Hindu Temple of San Antonio (HTSA) by the Telugu Association of San Antonio (TASA) and garnered an audience of about 60. Murthy Patamalla, TASA President, welcomed the artist. Smt. Jayanti’s inspired rendition of Sri Annamacharya’s life story moved the audience. As a TTD employee dedicated to the Annamacharya Project, this was a subject close to Smt. Jayanthi’s heart and it showed! As she explained it, Harikatha is a fusion of mastery in poetry, literature, dance, drama, and music, all presented entertainingly and with great presence of mind.


She displayed these qualities in abundance and enthralled the audience with a re-telling of Annamacharya’s life story neatly interspersed with his kirthanas, all sung melodiously to music from her iTouch! The kids enjoyed the Harikatha and sat enraptured throughout with little fidgeting – testimonial to the immensely enjoyable performance. The afternoon ended with felicitations of the artist, presenting shawl by HTSA Trustee Raj Goud. TASA President Murthy and President-Elect Sreeram presented a plaque in appreciation of artist’s performance.

 The next evening, Smt. Jayanti Savithri presented the Rukmini Kalyanam Harikatha at Sri Madhava Rao’s residence. Attended by a smaller, but still very appreciative, audience, this performance was even more entertaining with vignettes and asides that thrilled. The powerful performance captured Rukmini’s love for Krishna, her anxiety over her message to him, Krishna carrying away Rukmini, Rukmi and Sisupala’s anger, Krishna vanquishing his enemies, and finally the joyful wedding.

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