JTS Vanabhojanaalu

Vanabhojanalu (Garden or Forest feast) is a kind of picnic. Friends and families gather and go on picnic to somewhere near nice and quieter place outside a city or a town usually in woods, forests or at picnic spot and spend whole day there. They prepare foods, sing songs, play games and enjoy the prepared foods.

As per Hinduism, plants are very divine aspects of the nature, hence some plants are worshipped as Gods. Tulasi (Ocimum), Usiri (Amla), Bilva and Durva plants are considered as Gods and useful material in Puja. Kartika Vanabhojanam is arranged by some organisations just to chant mantras and to awake the spiritual conciousness in children.

But, nowadays it has become fully loaded with entertainment like singing and dancing.

There is a popular belief in Hinduism that Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi along with all the Gods visit and reside under Amla tree and Tulsi plant during kartik month. Duirng the occasion, people cook food under trees or in parks and eat.

Offering puja to Lord Vishnu and other Gods, reciting Vishnu Purana and kartika Purana during Vana mahotsavam are more preferred rituals.

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