Krishna NRI ORG’s First Ever Picnic

October 08, 2011, Dallas/Fort Worth

“Know your roots and rich cultural heritage in order to empower and disseminate the same to the future generations” is the theme of the first ever picnic event hosted by the Krishna NRI Org, a non-profit organization established with a mission to unite the non-resident Indians of Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. The objective of this event is to unite the Dallas area residents affiliated with Krishna district onto a single platform. This event was hosted under the leadership of a team of individuals lead by Mr.Ram Tatineni, Mr Rajesh Veerapaneni, Mr. Srinivas Koneru, Mr. Ramakrishna Korada, Mr. Sridhar Tummala, Mr. Vijay Borra, and well wishers. Dr. Subbarao Ponnuru served as the master of ceremony for the event.


Excellent weather coupled the holiday allowed an enthusiastic crowd of over 400 who gathered mid-morning Saturday at the picturesque Mullapudi ranch located in Celina,TX. The beautiful ranch was filled with families and children along with the visiting parents truly giving the glimpse of the good old village fairs. Attendees took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the grandeur of the Krishna district traditions, food, native games while bringing childhood memories.

Mr. Ram Tatineni provided an overview of the mission and objectives of the Krishna NRI and explained that the organization is to unite Krishna NRIs around the world to take up service projects in the district. While responding to a question from the audience Mr. Tatineni reiterated that Krishna NRI is not associated with any political party or other organizations of Telugu origin. The membership is open to all Krishna NRIs irrespective of religion, caste or political views.

Mr. Sridhar Tummala recently visited Krishna district and shared a wealth of information about the overall social and cultural situation and the need for such an organization. Mr. Tummala shared his personal story on Krishna district and explained that majority of the NRIs have roots in the villages and it is very important to identify the roots and connect with others so that we can impart the same knowledge to the children.



Krishna NRI team felicitated Dr Navaneeta Krishna Gorrepati and Dr. Prakasa Rao Velagapudi for their decades of service and contribution to the NRI community. A special ceremony was held to felicitate and recognize the visiting parents from Krishna district while recalling the sacrifice and contribution parents made to provide a path for their children. The uniqueness of the event is to bring a variety of childhood memories by conducting natives sports of Krishna district, such as, "Yedu Penkulu, Muddara Ball,Tire Kottudu,Gunny bag race,Thokkudu billa, Kalla Ganthalu,". The credit goes to Mr. Ravi Maddi for organizing the sports and everyone thoroughly enjoyed this segment. Extraordinary outdoor arrangements were made to entertain both adults and kids for maximum fun. How about the exciting Tug-of-War contest between sons and sons-in-law, daughters and daughters-in-law of Krishna district which was well received by the participants as well as the spectators.


How can we have “Vanabhojanalu” without the delicious and authentic Krishna district food menu?. Thanks to the organization and dedicated efforts of Mr. Srinivas Koneru for serving “poornalu, gaarelu, paala-thaalikalu,ariselu, vulava charu” and host of other items served as a part of brunch and snacks. Mr Rajesh Veerapaneni distributed certificates to the winners of various competitions.

The Krishna NRI team thanked many volunteers for their countless hours of valuable time and contribution to the success of the event and especially to Mr. Ramarao Mullapudu for providing the ranch facilities. The event wouldn’t have been successful without the help of Mr. Vijay Borra, Mr. Rambabu Tummala, Mr. Srinivas Pamidimukkala, Mr. Satya Boppana, Mr. Rajendra Narayan Das and Mr. Ravi Mantena, Mr. & Mrs. Pratap Yalamanchili who helped with the facilities, audio/video, photography to make the event successful.

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