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LG Semi automatic washing machines
Product Name : LG 6.2 Kg Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine1
Product Details : "Description:
Wash clothes comfortably with the LG 6.2 Kg. P7258N1FA(DB) Semi Automatic Washing Machine. The machine is packed with a range of features that ensure an exceptional performance. Its unique collar scrubber helps you scrub cuffs and collars, saving your time and efforts. This compact washing machine has a 3mm strong plastic cover with rat repellent chemical that ensures no harm is done to your machine in the presence of rats. The simple yet elegant design of this unit makes it look great in most interiors.
Type :Semi Automatic
Capacity Wash Tub Capacity: 6.2 Kg; Spin Tub Capacity: 5.5 Kg
Wash Programs :No. of Wash Program: 1
Washing Type :Top Loading
Special Features :Collar Scrubber
Price :
Unit/Units : 1
Kindly place the order 5 days in advance to the delivery date.