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Barbie Dolls
Product Name : BRB VIOLIN-X3494
Product Details : He fashionable Barbie is now here. Express your fashionable ideas and creativity through this product that contains Bow, Shoes, Sheet Music, Barbie Doll, Violin, Necklace. Go ahead and make Barbie more trendy. Dressed in a performance worthy, signature pink gown, Barbie doll comes with a violin, bow and sheet music. Trendy shoes and a necklace step up the overall appeal of the set.
Key Features :
Brand Name - Barbie
Age - 3 Years+
Package dimensions - 12.20 X 2.55 X 9.84 Inch
Content:Bow, Shoes, Sheet Music, Barbie Doll, Violin, Necklace
Product Name : X3494
Price :
Unit/Units : 1
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