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Barbie Dolls
Product Details : Barbie Doll and International Cats, Barbie loves animals and believes pets should be pampered. To make sure her three cats know they are loved, Barbie doll has a bed for each and a comfy and chic, of course cat carrier to take them out and give them a change of scene. At home, Barbie doll has toys, water bowls and other accessories to keep them happy and entertained. Barbie Playtime for Kittens Doll is a perfect gift for all Barbie fans.
Key Features :
Brand Name : Barbie
Age:3 Years+
Includes Barbie doll, bed, cat carrier and other accessories
Package Dimensions:40.64x6.66x32.38 cm
Encourages role play
Product Name : X3225
Price :
Unit/Units : 1
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