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Barbie Dolls
Product Name : BRB GLAM BIKE NEW DL-Y7055
Product Details : Vast range of gifts for your little girl. Let your little girl enjoy role play with this bright and interesting doll, bike, helmet, bike, puppy to groom themselves and their dolls. This fashion doll and bike are a perfect way to enhance your child’s inhibitions and make your girls more confident and helps develop into smart personalities. These kit spark your child’s imagination and make pretend play very engaging and rewarding. So surprise your angel by bringing home an adorable bundle of joy.
Key Features :
Brand: Barbie
Product Type : Doll
Material: Plastic Colour:Blue
A fitness savvy doll on a bike tour with its lovely pet
Get, set, go and explore the outdoors
Set features a helmet for safety
So, explore outdoors with Barbie on her bike
Product code:Y7055
Price :
Unit/Units : 1
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