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Barbie Dolls
Product Details : Cooking will now be fun and exciting with Barbie Cooking Fun Kitchen that inspires your daughters to learn more about the art of cooking. A Complete Kitchen Set. The kitchen set is complete with vessels, stove and all the essential crockeries that give your childÂ’s play a realistic feel. Playtime will be more entertaining and your little girls will be busy enhancing their cooking skills. Doll Dressed With A Cute Apron. The amazing doll house features a doll that is set to impress you with her cuisines. The doll is dressed with a cute apron and ready to come up with great delicacies. Cute Multi Colored. Barbie Cooking Fun Kitchen is multi colored and attractive to look at. Your kids will have a great time with this toy kitchen set.
Key Features :
Brand Name:Barbie
Colour:Multi Coloured
Age:3 Years+
Content - Spatula, Fork, Pie, Ice Tray, Oven Mitt, Pot, Plate, Drinking Glass, Eggs, Barbie Doll, Pan, Shoes, Chair, Measuring Cup, Salt and Pepper Shakers
Product Code:X3229
Price :
Unit/Units : 1
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