Yoga can be used to decrease the level of blood pressure. It is a great way to eliminate the stress from the body. So many people experience with heart attacks primarily because of the fact that they do not keep their blood pressure in control.

Yoga can controls blood pressure. Practice yoga regularly, then they can notice changes in the blood pressure levels just within a span of one month. yoga poses that will help in decreasing the blood pressure. With the help of yoga, the muscles can get relaxed and the excess amount of pressure can be eased from the arteries.

Pranayama is a breathing technique in Yoga, it will reduce a lot of stress that is present in the body and more amount of oxygen can enter into the body and control high BP with yoga one needs to practice it on a daily basis for around twenty minutes. There are certain poses in yoga which are designed to expel stress from the body and this can help in reducing high blood pressure. If you can control high BP with yoga, then you do not need to rely on costly medications and at the same time you can spare your body the pain of side effects from the medications.

Mainly, having a yearly health check up is a good way to keep track of your health.