Just because women spend more time in the kitchen, doesnot mean it should feel boring in there. why dont we start planning for the weekend, right from the kitchen.

Many of us stick phone number lists, birthday calenders in the kitchen cabinets. This is a kind of new idea, i have. You might like it.

Cut a new restaurant picture from the newspaper, or an Article about a new shopping place, a new Grocery store that sells Organic items, a new park, you might try visiting this weekend or some, a beach location you like to visit some day, or your Child's exclusively for MOM-Art work..if you already have a pin board, stick 'em there, else make one with cork board and pin them, or simply tie a small rope to 2 good looking nails, use your Drying clips to hang these paper cuttings or pictures, Everytime you look at it, the very sight is relaxing!!!


Prathyusha Talluri