Fashion Tips for Indian Modern Girls

Bright colors bring attention to an area - make sure you wear them wisely and only on your most flattering body parts.90% of looking your best is simply a choice of wearing the proper colors for your season. Your skin looks younger and healthier, eyes look brighter, teeth look whiter

* Go for the short nail with the big impact. Snap up your fall look with glam metallics. Think of heavy metals infused with pigment and sheen like the patina of rich auto exteriors and you?ve nailed the right color for your next manicure.

* Messy makeup lines can ruin your look! Blend, blend, blend and blend some more. This is the key to looking great.

* There are days when you just can't get the minute to fix your hair. And then, there are times when the nonchalant ponytail is just what makes an otherwise elaborate outfit look simple and polished. Try Ponytail, once in a while.

* Skip Denim when everybody else won't. If you are going to be at a place where most of the folks would come in a jeans, go for a dress. Make a statement.

* Jewelry - You don't have to invest a fortune for a great look. High quality costume jewelry is perfectly acceptable, except for rings, which should be real gold or silver. One in each hand please. Pearls and a quality watch are also excellent wardrobe investments.