1.Bread sandwiches :

Bread sandwiches are made by stuffing a filling in between two bread slices. Bread sandwiches are good option to make your bread recipe healthier. It will provide you with all the freedom to select your favourite vegetable or cheese to add flavour to your bread sandwich.

2.Bread pudding:

Bread pudding is made by baking bread slices together with dried fruit, sugar, spices, eggs, and milk. Bread pudding will add some more fibre, protein and vitamins to your diet. It is apt as a breakfast or dessert recipe.

3.Bread masala :

If you want to have bread for lunch or dinner, you should opt for bread masala. You can add vegetables and egg in this, which will provide the extra benefits of the added ingredients. Bread masala will be a good choice if you want to make your bread a little spicy.

4.Bread & dates syrup :

If you are bored with the classical bread and butter, then you may try a new flavour of dates syrup. It is advised to prepare the syrup at home to add better quality. It will provide all the health benefits of dates.

5.Brown bread and honey :

Instead of milk bread or white bread you may try whole grain bread which is healthier. Replace your butter or jam with honey. It will give you a new taste as well as the health benefits of honey. This will give your plain bread a new life.

6.Bread salad :

Bread salad is another good option for you to make your bread intake healthier. You can add your favourite vegetables like tomato, carrot, cucumber, lettuce etc to make your favourite bread variety. This will provide the needed vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.