Healthy After School Snacks

If your kids are participating in a qualifying program at their school, then they are receiving snacks that adhere to these guidelines.Healthy snacking not only satisfies hunger between meals, it can improve concentration during homework or extracurricular activities, and prevent overeating at meal time.

* Mini bagels with cream cheese and sliced cucumbers

* Hummus dip with pita, crackers or veggies

* Sliced avocados with wheat crackers

* Celery filled with cream cheese, Boursin cheese, or peanut butter

* Edamame in the shell, sprinkled lightly with sea salt

* Chickpeas or other beans, eaten with fingers or toothpicks

* Olives, pickles, canned artichokes or hearts of palm

* Fruit Kabobs (Cut fruit on a stick and dipped in vanilla yogurt)

* Smoothies: combine fresh and/or frozen fruit, fruit juice and yogurt or soy milk

* Dried fruit such as mango, apricots, raisins, plums

* Ice cream cone or waffle bowl filled with yogurt and chopped fruit