Edema during Pregnancy


The mild swelling that's quite common during pregnancy in many women particularly in the feet and ankles has always been a cause of concern. It can vary by the hour and by the warm weather .The known cause for edema is that during pregnancy, body fluids increase in order to nurture both you and your baby. As your body tissues accumulate and retain fluids, you may experience swelling.

Mild swelling and edema, is harmless and perfectly normal, although it's not nice to look at it causes discomfort and makes you change your footwear from the pretty shoes to the more soft ones where you can just glide them on.
Tips to handle edema

->The cardinal principle -Avoid standing or sitting for too long. If you're on your feet a lot, take breaks and have a seat. 
->If you are in a sitting job for long hours  take a five-minute walk at least once an hour, and try to keep your legs elevated when you're back in your chair.
->Wear shoes that are soft and cushy while you're out and once you get home, switch to a pair of soft slippers.
->Avoid tight socks or stockings which prevent the blood and fluids flow freely.
->After you come back from work or as a regular practice put your feet in warm to hot water with sea salts and relax.
->When you sleep put your feet up on a higher pillow as you will anyway be sleeping upwards .This will to an extant curb edema.
->Fluids flush out fluids- so drink lots of water as it will flush out excess sodium and other wastes from your body which causes edema.

In case of excessive edema for a long period of time please visit your Gynecologist!