Anytime Fitness Moves -1

For an instand boost of energy after a tiresome day or before starting a busy day, just 4 energy moves are enough...

Star Squat for Toned arms, legs and abs:

* Stand with feet together and arms by the side.

* Squat low as in a race-start position.
Stretch the body low, with support on the palms placed on floor and legs stretched behind, as shown in the first picture.

* Come back to the squat position, get ready to jump up.

* Immediately jump straight up, with arms and legs stretched wide to sides( in a star position).

Repeating this exercise 10times a day, helps tones Abs, legs and arms.

Speed Skater for energetic Shoulders, Back, abs, legs and butt:

* Stand straight with feet together and arms by the side.

* Stretch feet wide apart, get ready to bend forward.

* Move your left leg forward and bend to side, keep right leg straight.

* Touch the left toes with right arm, by extending the left arm behind for easy stretch.

* Follow the rhythm, move the right leg forward and bend to side, with the left leg straight.

* Touch the right toes with left arm now, extend the right arm behind you for an easy stretch.

* Repeating this exercise 10times daily, helps build energy in tired shoulders, legs, back, abs and butt.

The 2 remaining energy boost fitness moves await you in our following article!!!