Tin and Sand Candle Holder


Memories come a long way...the summer vacation with the kids, little girl's first beach trip,...and the souvenirs we bring along are so precious...son's first collection of sea shells when he was 4, sand from the family reunion at the beach, put them all in a Tin Can and why not make it a memorable gift to grandparents or Daddy !!

We need:

* A clean washed and dry Tin Can

*  Decorative Paper or Printed Self Adhesive Sheet

*  Modge Podge

*  Hot Glue Gun

*  Foam brush or Wide painting brush to apply glue

*  Decorative twine or Satin Ribbon

* Small candle that fits in the Tin

*  Sand, enough to fill 3/4 of the Tin Tin cans are easy finds at the grocery store, even the famous Delicious Milkmaid, Condensed Milk comes in a Tin.

Take an empty, washed clean and fully dried Tin, measure the dimensions of the paper you would like to cover the Tin with. Cut the paper correctly. Apply Modge Podge partly to the exterior of the Tin and start sticking the decorative paper you like. If you like Self Adhesive sheets, then Modge Podge is not necessary, just stick the adhesive sheet directly. Using the hot glue gun, attach decorative twine or Sarin ribbon to both the rims of the Tin or wherever you want to dress it up. Fill the Tin 3/4s with sand. Now place the candle on the sand...wallah...your surprising candle holder is ready...you can plce some seashells if you collected any around the candle for more decoration.

Caution: just make sure you let others know the Tin might get hot when the candle is burning inside, and so place it on a coaster for safety. Memories go a long way !!

- Prathyusha Talluri