We know so much about skin and hair care but its never enough, is it? Let me add some new ideas to your long list of beauty tips. Lets start with managing oily and dull skin. If you think it’s a tiresome task, you will be surprised by my suggestions. All you need is yoghurt, sugar and orange slices. Mix yoghurt and sugar and massage your face gently with this mixture. Wash it off with cold water and scrub your face with orange slices until the granules melt. You will see a drastic change in your skin, which you will love.

When you are tired and dull you need rest and nutrition. Do you know what your skin needs when it is tired? Dull, dry and tired skin can be rejuvenated with papaya. It is a wonderful gift of nature that can nourish your skin and brighten it. Papaya works wonders when mixed with oats, honey and cold milk. Scrub your skin with this mixture before washing it off with cold water. You will not see any signs of dry or dull skin after this.

If frizzy hair is among your list of hair problems, here’s an easy solution to it. Simply put some lemon juice into a cup of water and simmer it until its reduced to half. Use a spritz bottle to spray it on your hair and show the world your shiny hair that is free from frizz and static!

Colouring your hair too often can damage it. Does that mean you have to live with greys? Not at all! Now, you can colour your hair in the natural way. Few springs of rosemary and two tps of black tea will to the magic for you. Mix two cups of these ingredients and reduce to half the quantity. Use this mixture with ¼ cup of shampoo and wash it off after 15 minutes. With regular use, you will see the difference.

Are dark circles hiding your beauty? You just need to spare 10 minutes to get rid of them. Massage your eyes and the area around them with sliced cucumber. Then lie down for 10 minutes with tea bags on your eyes. With regular use, your dark circles will be gone before you know it. Follow these tips and show the world a prettier you.