Pistachio Power


Eating nuts is what every parent wants his/her child to get habituated to....i wonder if the parents do the same at their age !!? Yes, not many of us consume as many dry fruits as necessary per day, among the adult group.

A famous journal published a study on Pistachios. It says that Pistachios have the power to reduce bad cholesterol, control blood sugar and improve overall blodd vessel health. In this study, 60 adults with poor cholesterol lipid levels were the test subjects. They were split into two groups. One group was given LifeStyle Modifications (LSMs) only while the other group was given LSMs and also 40grams of pistachios every day over a period of three months. In comparison, between the two groups, the group that consumed Pistachios had improved their good cholesterol levels and their bad cholesterol levels went down significantly. This group also exhibited lower blood sugar level on fasting, better artery health, better expansion and contraction of arteries too.

Every natural fruit and nut that is harmless and edible has its own benefits. Fruits, Vegetables, Pistachios and other nuts are good not only for the children, they can also help a hundred year old. Follow the 'Nut Job', hereon !!

...Prathyusha Talluri