Guidance for New Parents



If you recently had your first child, there are a few things you must know. There are some common mistakes that new parents make. Discover what they are and make sure you avoid those mistakes. Let’s start with understanding the baby’s communication. Every time your baby cries, its not a sign of discomfort. It is the only way of communication the baby knows. If you notice fever, vomiting or other abnormalities, consult a paediatrician. But, when you see no particular reason for the crying don’t panic. Just try to comfort your baby.

It a general belief among new mom’s that breast milk is not thick enough to keep the baby’s stomach full through the night. This is the reason why many mothers wake their babies up to breastfeed them. Paediatricians generally advice against this. New moms must know that continuous and undisturbed sleep is very crucial for them and their babies in the initial few months.

All new parents must know the difference between their baby’s spit up and vomit. Baby spit is lighter in consistency and can fly across the room. This does not happen with vomit. Knowing the difference is important as it will prevent you from panicking unnecessarily.

In the enthusiasm and excitement of taking care of their baby, most new parents neglect their marriage. While it is important to give time to your little one, you must not forget to spend time with your spouse. Remember to avoid isolating yourself when the baby is not around. Enjoy parenting experience with your new born.