Nail Polish Arts and Crafts



There is no limit to being Artistic and creating innovative such is the increasing trend of Arts and Crafts with Nail Polish. Got an old Nail polish bottle of your favorite color or shade, dont worry that its past the expiry date..just use the color to paint a small souveneir for yourself or give a touch up to a cracked mural or even paint a small pebble for memoire. Just type the word 'Nail polish crafts' in the websearch and explore tons of ideas, HOW-TOs, DIY procedures to the biggest canvas paintings to the smallest stone painting using Nail Polish.



One fool proof purpose to keep a transparent top coat nail polish bottle even after its expiry date, at home, handy  in repair saves you a trip to the hardware store to buy a Varnish Can, at times, for petty projects. Those little nail polish bottles that serve only for 'a party or just two' purpose are best for craft projects like painting a DIY clay pendent or an ear hanging you made, those bottles are inexpensive and not much for wastage.



Easter Egg Hunt and you want an easy solution for coloring the eggs? Simply pour a few generous drops of polish in a bowl of water and dip the to pull them out without smudging the color is your knack....or just dip half egg into the water,while holding the other half egg with hands tucked in gloves.


For a quick Gift idea, bring a plain coffee cup and follow the same idea..dip it bottom facing down in a bowl of water with nail polish drops...that swirly, wavy color pattern looks amazing on a white coffee mug. It may not be used to drink coffee or for use in a microwave nor fit for scrubbing while washing...these coffee mugs and cups are strictly for decoration, memorabilia or desk organisation.



With all these ideas flowing in...there may be one or two nail polish art or craft pieces in your home soon..but just make sure to cover your nose with a mask while using nail polish for longer and on large surfaces..and remember to arrange the craft items in a well ventilated space just to avoid inhaling the toxins emitting especially from an expired nail polish.