How do celebrities manage to look young all the time? Let us try to find an answer to this question, which has always been on our minds.


We get our first secret of anti aging from the 47 year old actress Sandra Bullock. She says the secret to her ageless beauty includes spinach and rosemary extracts along with primrose oil. Your skin needs regular nourishment with these ingredients to hide your age from the world. Jennifer Lopez suggests deep and penetrating miniaturization of your skin to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. What you need are products that promote cell turn over and collagen production.




What is Julianne Moore’s secret of wrinkle free skin at the age of 51. She reveals that it’s a sunscreen with high SPF. She goes by this rule irrespective of the weather outside and this has been her routine since her 20s. She ensures walking on the shade side whenever she steps out. 50 year old Cindy Crawford recommends eating right, sleeping well and drinking lots of water to stay young. Regular work outs are also part of her routine. According to her one should not starve in an attempt to look thin and young.


If you want to know how Evian water can make you look young ask the 47 year old actress, Claudia Schiffer. She uses it to soften her skin and keep it extra clean. Now you too can  look young forever. Just remember to use these tricks.