Exercise is an important part of our life. Exercise helps you relieve stress, makes you feel good about yourself. You need not get up early at 5:00 am just for your exercise.

If you’re a busy mom, how do you begin to find time for exercise? Here are a few suggestions.

3 Fitness Strategies for Moms

Get others around you on board with your commitment:

if you have a maid, well that's okay. You can devote enough of your time for exercise. If not, stop searching for a cover story. You can ask some one from your home to look after you kids. Well, that may be your husband or your father. They definitely wont ignore your request for your fitness sake.

• Schedule it as part of your day just like anything else:

Scheduling is the most important thing for any of your works. It applies for your exercise too. Just like you have certain time for lunch, dinner and all, spare some time for the workouts. A single day of workout doesn't bring you much change.

Get creative:

exercising creatively is an art of course, you can hang up with your loving kids and exercise with them. Or play games with your children. That itself gives you a great relief. Tell them some rhymes with some dance moves. Avoid 'lack of time' kind of excuses.