Bisi Bele Bath and Samosa
Author : Teluguone
Preparation Time : 15 Mins
Cooking Time : 15 Mins
Yield : 4
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Published On : November 3, 2012
Recipe Category : Appetizers
Recipe Type : Solo Dish
Total Time : 30 Mins
Ingredient : Bisi Bele Bath and Samosa

Bisi Bele Bath and Samosa

Recipe of Bisi Bele Bath and Samosa

Bisi Bele Bath and Samosa

Directions | How to make  Bisi Bele Bath and Samosa



Bisi Bele Bath and Samosa





(for 30-40 samosas)

* Potatoes (4-5 big ones)

* 3 small Bay Leaves

* Green Peas (About one bowl full)

* Desi ghee (2 teaspoon)

* 7 Green chillis

* One small slab of ginger (to know the measurements m talking about, look at your index finger. The slab should be as long and as wide as the first 1/3rd of your finger)

* 2 bowls full of maida

* 1 teaspoon oil

* Black pepper (half a teaspoon)

* Garam Masala (half a teaspoon)

* Salt (to taste)

* Aamchoor (Dry mango powder) (1 teaspoon)



* Take Maida. Add 1 teaspoonfull of oil and salt (according to taste) to it. Make a hard dough. Try using as little water as possible. After it is done, keep it aside. Make sure you keep it in a closed vessel, else it starts to crack!

* Boil potatoes and mash them so that no lumps can be seen.

* Boil Green Peas and strain away the water.

* Crush the green chillies and ginger together. Keep aside the paste.

* In a pan, add 2 teaspoonfulls of desi ghee. Add bay leaves to it.

* Add mashed potatoes, green peas, Ginger-Chilli paste, Aamchoor, Salt, Garam Masala, Black Pepper to it and mix it well. Once done, leave it for a half an hour for it to cool down.

* Put some oil in a pan (oil should be sufficient to deep fry the samosas). Put it on low flame.

* Now, roll out thin-round chapatis of the maida dough.

* Use a knife to cut the round chapati from the center and make two semi circular shapes.

* Take one semi circle, join the line that runs along the diameter, so that its apex is at the center of the semi-circle! Please refer to the pic if confused.