How to Make Pesarattu
Author : Teluguone
Preparation Time : 10m
Cooking Time : 15m
Yield : 3
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Published On : September 19, 2018
Recipe Category : Appetizers
Recipe Type : Break Fast
Total Time : 25m
Ingredient : How to Make Pesarattu

How to Make Pesarattu

Recipe of How to Make Pesarattu

How to Make Pesarattu

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How to Make Pesarattu



Methi Paratha – A mouthwatering yet healthy breakfast option for people of all the age groups. Fenugreek Leaves or MentuAaku prevents bowel problems, curbs diabetes, helps in hair growth. Lets learn how to make these nutritious Parathas. 


Methi Leaves or Mentu Aaku

Coriander Leaves or Kothmira

Wheat Flour or Godumma Pindi

 Gram Flour or Senega Pindi


Cumin Seeds or Jeera

Curd or Perugu

Chilli Powder or Karam Podi

Green Chilli or Pachi Mirchi

Ginger or Allum

Salt or Uppu'

Method :

Finely chop methi leaves & kothimir & keep them aside. In a bowl take finely chopped methi leaves and kothmir. To this add 1 cup wheat flour and 2 spoons besan, salt to taste, vamu, jeera, ginger – green chilli paste, red chilli powder, 2 spoons curd, finely chopped garlic garlic(optional). Add little water & Mix these ingredients to form a dough. While adding water be very careful as the dough consistency may become very thin if excess water is added. Now make small balls and flatten them to make yummy parathas. Put the paratha on tava and roast from both sides till golden brown, with some ghee. Yummy Parathas are ready to be served with Curd.