Tangy Eggplant Curry
Author : Teluguone
Preparation Time : 10m
Cooking Time : 15m
Yield : 4
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Published On : September 19, 2020
Recipe Category : Vegetarian
Recipe Type : Solo Dish
Total Time : 25m
Ingredient : Tangy Eggplant Curry

Tangy Eggplant Curry

Recipe of Tangy Eggplant Curry

Tangy Eggplant Curry

Directions | How to make  Tangy Eggplant Curry

Tangy Eggplant Curry



There might me hardly anyone who does not like Eggplant or Baingan. So here’s a yummy eggplant recipe for you. Detailed Recipe and ingredients detailed below



Eggplant (Vankaya)  - 1 big

Curry Leaves - a few

Kothmir - 1 spoon

Oil - 2 spoon

Jaggery - To Taste

Hinguva - ½ spoon

Tamarind Pulp - 1 cup (to taste)

Tempering - 1 spoons

Salt - To Taste


Roast Eggplant in low flam till it cooks well. After it cools a bit, remove the peel and mash eggplant slightly. Take the mashed eggplant in a bowl and mix it with tamarind pulp, salt, kothmir, jaggery and keep it aside. Take 2 spoons of oil in pan and after it heats add tempering seeds. Later add hinguva and curry leaves. Saute for few mins and add tempering into the bowl And yes the tangy eggplant is ready to be served..