How to Make Ridge Gourd Chutney
Author : Teluguone
Preparation Time : 10M
Cooking Time : 15M
Yield : 3
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Published On : May 11, 2021
Recipe Category : Pickles
Recipe Type : Solo Dish
Total Time : 25M
Ingredient : How to Make Ridge Gourd Chutney

How to Make Ridge Gourd Chutney

Recipe of How to Make Ridge Gourd Chutney

How to Make Ridge Gourd Chutney

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How to Make Ridge Gourd Chutney




Ridge Gourd acts effective in purifying blood. It boosts up and nourishes the liver health and protects the liver from alcohol intoxication. Surprised – Yes we are discussing about the ridge gourd or Beerakaya has some amazing health benefits and is a great source of medicinal properties and is called as a Star Vegetable.



Ridge Gourd (Beerakai)                     - 1 cup

Sesame seeds(Nuvvunu)                   - 1 spoon

Salt (Uppu) - to taste

Tamarind pulp(Chintapandu gujju)      - 2 spoon

Green Chilli (Pachi Mirchi)                  - to taste

garlic       (Velluli rebbalu)                    - 6 7 pods

turmeric     (pasupu)                            - 1/2 spoon

popu ginjelu     


Recipe in English

* Pan lo oil jilakara green chilli velluli rebbalu saute. After 2 3 minus add beerakai and cover with lid for about 5 mins.

* Later add pasupu and cover with

* Palli + nuvvulu add the contents in pan chintapandu uppu

* Take a spoon of oil in pan and add jeera, green chillis, garlic and saute for a minute.

* Later add the pieces of ridge gourd in it. Let it cook for about 5 mins. After that add little turmeric powder and a pinch of salt and cover it with lid for 5 more minutes.

* Let the mixture cool

* Meanwhile add fried peanuts and sesame seeds in mixer and grind it. Later add the ridge gourd mixture tamarind pulp salt and make a fine paste


Recipe in Telugu

*Pan lo nune teskuni andulo jilakara pachi mirchi velluli rebbalu vesi ah taravata berakai mukkalu, pasupu vesi magganivandi.

* maggaka kasepu challaranivandi

* Eelopu mixer lo veyinchina palli mariyu nuvvulu podi chesi ah taravata berakai misramanni kuda veskondi. Andulo chintapandu mariyu uppu vesi mixy pattandi ento ruchikaramayina berakai pachadi ready.