Mokkajonna Garelu-Corn Vada
Author : Teluguone
Preparation Time : 10min
Cooking Time : 10min
Yield : 5-6
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Published On : May 17, 2011
Recipe Category : Appetizers
Recipe Type : Break Fast
Total Time : 20min
Ingredient : Mokkajonna Garelu-Corn Vada

Mokkajonna Garelu-Corn Vada

Recipe of Mokkajonna Garelu-Corn Vada

Mokkajonna Garelu-Corn Vada

Directions | How to make  Mokkajonna Garelu-Corn Vada


Mokkajonna Garelu - Corn Vada



Mokkajonna garelu ( corn vada ) are our favourite and one of the traditional dishes of Andhra . In corn season in all most all the houses andhrites make this dish as breakfast or snack item . In my inlaws house they will do twice or thrice a week . There r two different varities we can do with corn . One is spicy corn vada (karam garelu) and other is sweet corn vada ( theepi garelu). First i will show u how to prepare spicy corn vada .



mokkajonna pothulu 4

green chilli 6

cilantro 1 bunch

salt 1/2 spoon



separate seeds from maize(or u can use canned corn).

grind seeds,green chilli for a smooth paste.add salt and cilantro.

heat oil in a pan.

take small lemon size batter and drop in the hot oil.fry them till they become light brown.

Mokka jonna garelu are ready to eat.u can eat them with any kind of chutney(preferably tomato chutney)