Stay healthy even on a Holiday


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So you are on a holiday and you want to have fun and don’t want to miss out on the fun foods you crave for, but that shouldn’t change even when you're on a holiday. Eating healthy and being conscious about your health even when you are outdoors will help you stay in shape even while you have fun.


Here are a few tips to stay healthy when you are out on  a holiday-

Avoid visiting a restaurant on an empty stomach. In such cases people end up eating much more. If you're starving, eat a piece of fruit or have a glass of juice or water in the hotel itself. Later, while having lunch, fill your plate with lightly dressed salads, fish, seafood and lean meats.

Don't eat unhealthy snacks or junk food like pizzas and burgers while travelling. Otherwise, you will end up gaining extra kilos. Pack healthy items like fruits, juices and low-fat yoghurts.

Don't overeat. Order a nice salad as a starter and then either share the main course with your partner or go for selected delicacies that you like. Also, eat slowly and chew the food properly.

Look for healthier alternatives like local fresh fruits or salads when you are abroad, then try out some local fruits which you don't get here.

Avoid local breads served with meals.Bread made with white flour cans cause indigestion so try to stick to the Brown breads.

Avoid too many drinks after the dinner as it may result in weight gain.

If you happen to be at the beach, don't end up indulging in lots of ice creams and sugary cold drinks to avoid scorching heat. Keep a bottle of water and some fruits in your bag so you don't get tempted when your friends or family asks if you want any ice cream.

Take out time and exercise for at least an hour daily even when you are out on a holiday. Nowadays hotels and resorts do have gymnasiums.

Also, you don't need to get up early morning to exercise.