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Miscellaneous India Jokes

Miscellaneous India Jokes

Friend : Why did you break off your engagement, Kiran ?
Kiran : Well, we were looking over a flat when her mother remarked that it was father small for three.

Wife : Darling, mother says she nearly died laughing over those stories you told her.
Husband : Is that so ! Where is she ? I will tell her some more funnier stories.

Judge : You have been called as a witness of the quarrel between your friend and his wife. Were you present at the beginning of the trouble ?
Witness : Certainly, I was a witness at their wedding.

Teacher : Why weren't you at school yesterday ?
Student : I was sick
Teacher : Sick of what ?
Student : Sick of school

Tourist : Excuse me, how do I get to the Albert Hall ?
Violinist : Practice