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One Day An Officer While Returning Home

One Day An Officer While Returning Home

An officer while returning home from tour got stranded on the way due to breakdown of his car. It was quite late in the night and no hotels nearby.

He went to a house close by and requested the lady to allow him to stay for the night and tried to convince her that as he is a respectable person, she should not be afraid of. With great persuasion, the lady who was the only occupant of the house, allowed him to stay for the night.

During the night, the lady kept on visiting the room a number of times to provide him blanket, hot water bottle etc, to make the visitor comfortable as the night was very chilly.

Once again the lady knocked his room and simply asked, “Do you want company?”

The visitor could not believe the benevolence of the lady and answered, “How nice of you. How sweet of you to have thought so”.

Then the lady said. “I just have another person who is also stuck up on the road due to failure of his car”.