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UTI – A woman’s nightmare!



Being a woman, the chances of developing urinary tract infection is high, as the women have shorter urethra-the tube that transports urine from bladder to external environment. Since the anus and urethral opening are closely positioned the bacteria from the intestines especially Escherichia coli are likely to escape into the urethra, infecting bladder on its way to kidneys and finally causing bacteraemia.

Urinary tract infection surfaces as: a burning sensation while urinating, fever with chills, frequent urge to urinate, pain or pressure over lower abdomen, cloudy or curdy white urine and fatigue. Presence of fever and chills indicates the spread of infection; it has gone systemic from local infection. In certain conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and any condition weakening the immune system the risk of UTI is high!

When you discover any of these symptoms head straight to a physician, a urine sample may be taken to confirm the presence of UTI-causing organisms. Treatment includes the use of antibiotics, it is prescribed to complete the full cycle of medication without discontinuation. Along with medical attention, it also requires personal care which includes: Drinking lots of water to flush off the intruders and use of hot packs for the lower abdomen pain. As a part of prevention it is advised to wipe from front to back after using restroom.

- Koya Satyasri



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