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Gently push out the stinger as soon as you can using a blunt-edged object such as a credit card or the dull side of a knife. You may also remove the stinger with your fingernail, but be careful not to squeeze venom back into the skin. Clean the wound with soap and water, apply a cool compress, then dab on hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion to relieve the pain. If your child is wheezing or having trouble breathing, this could signal an allergic reaction; get to an emergency room immediately.



Don't cater to the bee's sweet tooth: At a picnic, serve lemonade or soda in sports bottles and sippy cups. And avoid using heavily perfumed soaps or shampoos. An at-home remedy to try: apply a paste made from baking soda or meat tenderizer and water. Or rub a moist aspirin on the infected area. Be sure to avoid scratching the sting area — it will worsen swelling and itching and up the chance of infection.

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