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 Decorating Spaces with Floor Pillows


Wow, those Floor pillows!! For someone who loves decorating spaces, floor pillows are favorites! Indian tradition of Deewans and the Floor seating arrangement nothing different to decorating with Floor pillows....and hence we reign in innovative pillow decor too. Floor pillows have become a craze with many interior designers and lifestyle-furniture stores, across the world. The fabrics used create a mark of the region they showcase.

These floor pillows come in various sizes and shapes....the widest for twosome,to the wierdest shape of a stone pebble...made of leather, cowhide, silk, wool, woven fabrics, jute, knitted materials etc.....they are also for someone who doesnot want to spend much for furniture or who lives a nomadic life of relocating often, just carry and move, no need to dismantle or assemble, these are even ready for a clean wash in the machine sometimes, or just a sun bath for sanity. Child-friendly, comfortable for sleep, ready to carry for a long drive in the car, simple and innovative as house-warming gifts,easy to make your own at home.....we can go on and on about the features of these floor pillows.

Mom's saree your sentiment, then use it to drape your favorite floor pillow, match it with similar curtains and make it a fav.corner in the room for reading a book or sip a cup of coffee on a rainy day....give me a chance and i will make a living room full of floor pillows ONLY!!

- Prathyusha Tallari

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