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 Butterfly Crafts with Paper


Paper crafts are numerous...there is a humongous database of paper crafts if you browse on the web, and at any craft store. Who dsnt have paper at home ? Any paper, not just a colored paper, we can make butterflies with even a used newspaper or an advertisement pamphlet. As long as it is printed or colored, we dont have to bother about coloring each butterfly.


We need:

* Paper as much as the many butterflies we want

* Strong thread or wire to tie

 * Glue to stick

* And any base to stick the butterflies we make, like a canvas, greeting card, paper lantern etc.

 Draw a palm size butterfly and cut it to shape. Then fold like an accordion and tie with a thread or wire at the center. Your fancy butterfly is ready, you can even keep it as is without folding. As shown in the pictures, we can paste our butterflies to decorate any item. Many artists have created chandeliers, Crib Mobiles, Canvas board art, greeting cards, paper curtains etc., using the same butterflies. There are paper cutters and stencils that are in butterfly shapes available in the market, with these cutting numerous pieces for a large craft project becomes easy. Such a project is perfect for a school craft class too. They decorate any space perfectly and are forever beautiful! Who says butterflies dont stay longer?



- Prathyusha Talluri

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