Sravana Maasam Special Muggu  

Ashtadalam Muggu Special     The Ashtadalam Muggu  is a high energy Muggu or design especially meant for Lakshmi Poojas. This Muggu is specifically drawn on Fridays and during the Shravana Masa Lakshmi Pooja day ,i.e. Varalakshmi Vratham day. This Geometric pattern is said to be so powerful that if your put this design in your Pooja room or Pooja Mandiram for 21 days with an intent for something that you wish for , it will happen. It requires no Pooja and all you have to do is just put this muggu. So for all those girls who want to get married or those who seek happiness, joy, a good job and prosperity should definitely  try this. It may seem slightly complicated but when you practice it regularly you will get the hang of it. Steps: 1. Put a dot in the center. 2. Put  5 tiny dots at the 8 corners. 3. Start joining the dots from the numbers 1–3 –5 – 2 – 4 and back to 1. The count would be 1-3-5-2-4-1. If you miss even one dot you will be able to make out when it goes wrong as the lines won’t join and would be uneven. 4. Repeat the same for all the remaining dots till you get the pattern of an 8 petal  Lotus. 5. You can add turmeric and saffron kumkum to enhance the beauty of this pattern. Wishing you all lovely ladies a Happy Varalakhshmi Vratham with the choicest of abundance and prosperity!

Sravana Maasam Special Muggu   Sraavana Maasam which is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar is considered one of the most important and auspicious months for the Hindus.Try this new Muggu/Rangoli for the First Friday of this Holy Month.

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