Tulle looks for Baby Portraits     Baby portraits are the cutest photographs one could display at home or on any wall ! Dressing up babies for a portrait picture is a tough job but not a long task to achieve...which color or what material is the question, if the answer is found then the actual job is short, just one piece of a dress..similar to their cute little size ! As we spoke about Crochet dresses in our earlier article, today its the Tulle's turn ! Netted materials flaunt a fairy kinda look and give a photograph a cute appeal..and the baby looks the cutest in it too...usually the pastel shades look good but the brightest of the colors dont spoil it either. Specially, Easter occasional portraits canbe the best shot in Tulle looks.     A simple little skirt can make it stand out. Tulle materials are available at most fabric or craft stores, in India and America too. Just buy a metre fabric and sew into a skirt with a soft elastic band or a satin ribbon to tie around, your desired look is so easy. What background the photographer arranges is not your headache, just find out which color fabric suits the baby the best in the portrait and you get the dress ready and one or two accesories for a little girl...boys dont need even those. All this homework and these looks concern is for girls..i wonder how Tulle can be used for a little Boy's portrait atall !     The more you spend, the softer the material. Some come in shimmery looks and self prints or embroidery designs. You can even think of Tulle skirts and Lehengas for her First Birthday...it gives such a Grand Princess kinda look...coordinate it with a Tulle Bow head band and you are done..your picture album is a perfect one !! Tulle can even decorate a Child's Nursery room as a Window Half curtain or a Crib skirt. Just give your creativity some sharpness and tell Tulle to work its majic !! ...Prathyusha

  Cute Crochet Wear for Baby Portraits     Welcome the baby with warm hugs and kisses and cherish the memory with a surprising portrait picture. Dressing up the baby for that memorable forever-portrait is not a simple thing. Some portrait studios offer their collections for boys and girls...yet, if you have that creative edge or got a girl friend who can make one for your newborn, then search the web for tons of ideas. Usually these portrait pictures recommend Crochet materials...or Woollen knits can replace a few. Not so time taking to knit on as they are tiny and it need not be a full dress...just choose a bottom and a small hair band with a corset kinda top for a cute look for girls. For boys, there is always a simpler pattern as shown in the photograph. Based on how much you are spending for the portrait, they suggest poses and angles...some show only the baby's face..you can just buy a head band or a cap...if you are opting for a full portrait, then buy a skirt or a bottom too...sometimes even cute crochet socks kinda shoes !     Crochets come in the brightest of the colors to the most sober Pastels...the photographer has to be creative enough, with a suitable background for a wonderful output. A pre-portrait discussion with the photographer will make it easier to know which colors of clothes to buy for the baby..and if its a family portrait, you will be glad to met him/her to make life easy that day, else your portrait will go for a toss because you will be fussy with running here and there for matching the family clothes that day and getting upset if things dont go well. Most parents dont take New born portraits seriously, but trust me...they are worth it...your baby won't be the cutest, later..spend smartly..ask for what you want in the picture and get it done. Referrals are the best in this matter...A great portrait photographer whom your friend suggested might be really good ! They might have small baskets, swings hanging from artificial indoor trees, a huge egg that cradles a baby...all these props will make the portrait cuter with the cutest cuddlesome baby in it!! ..Pratyusha

క్యూట్ ఫ్యాషన్ మెహందీ డిజైన్స్..మీకోసం పెళ్లిళ్లకు, ఏవైనా ఫంక్షన్లకు మెహందీ పెట్టించుకుంటాం.. కానీ వాటికైతే చేయి మొత్తం నిండేలా పెట్టాల్సి వస్తుంది. అయితే అప్పుడప్పుడు సరదాగా వేసుకునే డిజైన్లు అంత హెవీగా ఉంటే బోర్ అనిపిస్తుంది. అందునా ఇప్పుడు ఫ్యాషన్ పోకడ ఎక్కువైంది కాబట్టి.. చిన్న చిన్న డిజైన్సుతోనే ఫ్యాషన్ గా కనిపించేలా కూడా వేసుకోవచ్చు.. అలాంటి డిజైన్స్ మీకోసం..  

    Spring Dresses for Girls     Winter faded away and its warm and getting hot already in our Indian Subcontinent...shopping for some summer-kinda dresses for the little girls should be on your list too...some cool, chic designs and patterns are here this year. Many online shopping websites such as Aliexpress, Amazon and others have launched their new collection. Their fabrics are super soft and durable too, colors dont fade away and dresses dont shrink. Their designs are so brand new, check out these pictures and you would agree. I mean, who created these ?! We never saw these designs. Unimaginable !!   Spring collections usually are floral designs, pastel shades, mostly cotton or polyester mix fabrics. Come Easter, and the trends showcase the Easter spirit. Spring patterns are so relieving and fresh after that cold winter, ofcourse with almost no winter this year in South India, it was almost an early Spring there.     For those in the Western countries, these colors and dresses create a cheerful atmosphere. Leave aside those thick jackets and the cold, dingy days...the Spring Sun shines brightly on these Colorful dresses. Similar patters are available for boys too but the little girls are a treat when cutely dressed up. Be it roses or the cherry blossoms..or the cupcakes, the colors make the whole difference. Brighter colors make up a beautiful change in a dull, grey day. Shop this Spring for innovative designer dresses for the little girls and cherish their cuteness !! ...Pratyusha

  ట్రెండ్ కి తగ్గ ట్రెండీ ఆక్ససరిస్.. మీ కోసం   ట్రెండ్ కి తగ్గ డ్రెస్ , డ్రెస్ కి తగ్గ ఆక్ససరిస్ తప్పని సరి ఈ కాలం అమ్మాయిలకి. మరి రోజు రోజు కి మారిపోతున్న ట్రెండ్ లో లేటెస్ట్ వెరైటీ ఏంటో తెలుసు కుంటే షాపింగ్ ఈజీ అవుతుంది కదా. ఇదిగో ఇక్కడ ఇస్తున్నాం చూడండి...ఎలాంటి ఫాషన్ వేర్ కి అయినా సూట్ అయ్యే కొన్నిటిని. ఇవి మెడలో ధరిస్తే చాలు ..అందరి కళ్ళు మీ మీదే ...       courtesy Belleza Fashion & Trendy Jewellery

  Princess Looks for Little girls Moms having little girls dream of dressing them up like a princess. Until they learn to express their choice and realise they have an opinion, Mom can have her dreams fulfilled...at the earliest. Princess dresses are found at almost every dress store. Some sell them occasionall,py, whereas some stores carry them all round the year. Once, your little princess learns about her favorite Disney Princess, you maynot have a choice but to end up purchasing atleast one for her wardrobe....she would not disappoint you but wear it every week or twice and it will be a bang for your buck ! Investing in one nice piece of costume will not be a waste...after this fancy age, she maynot have much time to talk about dresses and long frocks. Rapunzel, Cinderella, Elsa and Anna, Sleeping Beauty...all these princess costumes are mostly available in the market..if not, you may find someone to bring a piece from USA. There they sell alot of these costumes round the year. Each costume can be paired with a matching Tiara ( small Crown), a Wand, a Chain with pendant, a Bracelet, a finger ring etc...some stores even sell matching shoes and wigs. The more the price, the better the material and longevity of the dress...if you have more than one little girl in the family or among close relatives, spend a little more  and that dress stays around you, longer. Every costume comes in two varieties, one is ornate and one is simple with not much glitter and embellishments. You can have your child wear the simple one to Birthday parties too..the ornate dress is better suitable for Fancy dress competitions or for a Grand occasion only. Some are only specific to Fancy dress parties such as the Mermaid Ariel's costume and Tinker Bell's costume with the wings. These Princess costumes are perfect for gifts. You want to give them as birthday gifts or for any occasion, depending on your budget, you can buy just the dress or look for other matching accesories and pair them up. You can find water bottles, school backpacks, lunch bags, rain coats, caps, notebooks and such school supplies, imprinted with a Princess picture. Sometimes, the other characters such as Sofia's pet Rabbit Clover, Cinderella's friends the Rats appear on some items, you maynot identify but your child gets excited..meaning, if you can't find a princess imprinted item, you have the option to look for her favorite pets picture on any item...it will definitely keep the excitement going. You might have dreamt of a practical child, who doesnot live in dreams, but you can't escape the reality of the Television. Have a happily dressed up Princess ! --Pratyusha

  Fashion Tips for Trendy Kids-1 Choose tshirts that have interesting and catchy statements. Let aside the tshirt that is just as simple as possible, in a color that is pale but a statement it carries, if interesting then your child is going to be noticed in a big group of other kids...make sure the print is in a bold, dark color..inorder to be visible clearly. Most tshirts carry prints in silver, gold which are not clear for visibility. Captions are interesting to be read, many of us read others tshirts...those little lines on kids' tshirts are so cute and funny too !!   Choose dresses with interesting and trending patterns or colors. Some designs become so famous among Moms and other fashionistas, like the Chevron of the recent times and few colors such as neon hues from the recent months. Some fabrics are also famous at a time, you buy dresses made of those fabrics after they are gone, they become boring, instead catchup on current fashion trends...your child and you will be a talk of fashion among other Moms for sure !     Choose jackets, boleros, cardigans for the little girls and leather jackets for the boys, they create a fashion statement so stylish..on the other hand, they can be worn on different dresses, during different seasons of the year. However, make sure to decide cleverly on the sizes, as kids keep growing, their dresses tend to be tighter soon after few uses. Dressing similar to your child makes a grand statement and a feeling of dearness about the family...it is a good idea..dont go with few opinions that dressing similar might be boring or funny...it is not ! Mom, Dad and the kids dress up in similar shades gives a good feeling to others about the love among the family members...means, the kids listen to parents, instead of having different opinions on dressing up, that the children are not rude to the parents, and that they like following their parents ideas. Kids look so stylish and cute in good dresses...you dont want them to look shabby even when you take them for groceries with you. May you have fashionable and happy kids !!!   - Prathyusha

  Tips for dressing up kids in Cold weather Winter here and there...in India, it is cold one day and not so cold tye other day...it has been the same in USA too..three days of severe cold and one day of weather..can't predict...in such weather, sending a child to school or to play outside is a tricky thing. Why not think of dressing them up in layers ! Have your child wear a not so thin T-shirt, then a fleece hoodie or a thick jacket if the weather is too cold. Then a small short skirt and thick leggings underneath. Teach your child to remove a layer of clothes isf she feels too hot suddenly due to playing for long. Color coordinating these layers is important too...match the colors of each piece of dressing or choose contrast colors,,,dressing up a child is exciting amd interesting.you can fulfill your dressing up desires through them...use the brightest of the colors in dull weather..use pastels when the sun is bright...you can play with colors and trends. Well, until your child allows you. Buying a pair of fleece hoodies is a smart thing to do. When there's a school going child, you need quite a good number of clothes...t-shirts, socks, pants, leggings should be stocked up enough for two weeks, hoodies, jackets, shoes, winter caps should be two each. Shoes should be in two varieties, sneakers for a warm day and those winter shoes for a badly cold day to keep thoese tiny feet warm when playing out. Schools in the western countries have a norm of sending kids out to play twice a day for fitness, even during a cold day, unless it is severely cold. hence, shop well for kids' winter clothes. Teach your children to wear winter caps, scarfs or ear muffs for protection, most kids hate to wear winter gear. I know it is a big task..i am on the same boat. Let us know if you have any tips to share on how to keep kids warm and snug during winters. --Prathyusha Talluri

  Winter Trendy Clothes for kids Winter as parents might feel, it hides the good and interesting dresses we wear. They say we can wear an old tshirt and cover it with a winter coat and everyone thinks you are dressed to go out. Why not buy a good winter gear than spending on dresses....it is time for interesting winter clothes. Gloves, winter hats, ear muffs, scarfs, infinity scarfs, socks, shoes and what not....there are hundreds of styles in winter coats just for kids. Puffed coats, Peacoats, double Fleeced Jackets, etc are all so comfy too along with providing warmth in that cold weather. Those coats with furry collars, puffed jackets with kids favorite character prints, favorite colors...few that glow in the dark...browse the online shopping sites and you will be surprised...some even offer to print your child's name on the coat. When buying a winter coat for anyone..it is better to consider a bigger size coat to fit in a tshirt and a lighter fleece jacket inside. The body warmers are the most forgotten set of accessories most forgotten and not bothered about but they offer a warm and protective shield against that chilly weather. Specially for kids who go to school, it is important to dress the up appropriately. Make sure to buy a comfy winter hat for them...they usually refuse to wear one but it is of great use when the go out to play in that chilly weather. Make sure to have them wear a body warmer or a thick legging inside the jeans or the pants they wear, a thick jacket, a pair of gloves and a hat....teach them about how to remove the gloves, hats, incase it gets over warm to avoid suffocation. Make it a point to tell the teacher that your childmight refuse to wear the coat for the outdoor play hour, still the teacher shall command the child to wear it along with the hat covering the ears or wear ear muffs, just to make sure that cold air doesnot get inside his/her ears.  Parents need not be worried about this season, it is fun to wear winter clothes and stay warm...the kids look cuter when dressed up in the correct winter gear...stay warm this cold season !! --Pratyusha

  Girls in Leggings Forever !!   Leggings have been in use for the older girls and ladies from quite some time but they have been so useful for toddlers and little girls too. Summer legginfs and Winter leggings come with a slight difference of material, the winter ones are usually made of fleece or wool. Designs and prints dont make any great impact, however, for a fashion conscious Mom, they do. Cool colors and Christmas prints are prominent during this time of the year. Reindeers, Jingle bells, Snowman, Santaclaus etc are the commonly appearing ones. Jeans need not be the go-to piece of outfit..one can play with colors using these thick leggings that protect the little legs from cold, sametime, give the child that vibrant and playful look. Leggings are also available with attached mini-skirts and furry socks kinda finishing near the feet, these days. Some are also sold with embellishments inorder to be worn with party wear and fab dresses. Incase, Mom runs out of these wonderful leggings and has to head out with the little girl on a cold day, then those summer leggings come for rescue when worn as warmers under jeans. Some Moms like dressing up similarly as the child..in that case, interesting designs and comfy leggings are being sold for ladies too. Think leggings this winter and get colorful !!   --Pratyusha

  Indian Winter Fashion Fiesta   You have an invite to a grand party,on a really chilly winter night.What are your plans about dressing up?? You want to bundle up in an assortment of woolly sweaters, mufflers, gloves and thick woolen socks coz of the chill, but you want to be a fashion gal that you are..The only way out now is... You skip that invitation to the party and dodge the calls.. But why? That’s because you are too scared to brave the cold while looking like an Eskimo in those heavy layers of winter clothing?? Just chill..this winter, embrace the beautiful weather and venture out dressed fashionably and protected against the cold. Lets help you in doing so with  some tips , which can present you as fashion Diva even in winter. One golden rule is that winter does not mean piling on thick, coarse sweaters. But the trick is to find feather light and soft fabrics which offer warmth from the cold. While dark navy blues, greys and black might rule the roost, there is no hard and fast rule to conform to this trend. Brighten your sober, monochrome outfits with chunky necklaces and funky chains. The layered look works fabulously for the winter season by mix and match of camisoles, knitted tops, denim/leather jackets and cardigans.Another way to get this right is by wearing long sleeved colorful tees and putting on soft crew cut or V-shaped cardigans. Now if you wear only sarees then what?? Time to unwrap those lovely silk sarees in beautiful colors of  green, red, blues and purple. Wear elbow length blouses to give the ensemble a contemporary look. Wear any saree but  Jazz up with lovely silks and woolen scarves. For a formal look, go for simple, sophisticated silk scarves. For a relaxed look, opt for bright woolen scarves in funky colors and soft fabrics.Which go well with any kind of saree. For any Indian outfits and skirts, use pretty silk wraps in lovely hues with trendy embellishments and designs. Happy Chilling out!! --Pushpa

  Fashionable Clothing In Winter Whenever season changes we need to arrange our wardrobe accordingly. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't have as much fun getting dressed as you did during the other months. But as the weather gets colder we get endless layering possibilities to warm up with clothes. Here are few tips to look trendy in your winter clothing too: Keep you denim pants and trousers in handy.  Denim shirts with a sleeveless jacket gives a cute look yet keep you warm. Sweat shirts are very much in and apt for the season. You can pair them up with skirts and denim pants too. Pull overs are very comfortable and gives a chic look for sure. Leather jackets will never go out of fashion. So try to add at least one jacket to your wardrobe.  This can always be worn for midnight parties to leave your style statement. Hoodies are equally good for regular wear. You get so many varieties of Hoodies in market.  They look smart and perfect for the winter season. Shawls are another good stuff gives very elegant look when paired with Indian dressing like sarees and salwar suits. When it comes to foot wear, always go for sneakers, boots, shoes which cover your feet and keep you warm.  Remember that, style is nothing but carrying yourself in comfortable outfit.  So whatever the dressing you opt for, ensure that it gives you comfort first. --Bhavana

  Saree, style statement of every Indian women How many ever modern attires we get to wear in our daily life, draping that 6 yards saree brings out beauty in every Indian women and this is unbeatable for sure. There are so many different styles people follow in India while draping saree. However the standard one is with draping “pallu” on your left hand side. Saree is the one, which enhances the  beauty of a women if you know to drape it rightly. It brings elegance to women irrespective of their height, weight, color and complexion. Few can manage wearing saree on regular basis, but few prefer it occasionally. However festivals like Diwali are the appropriate events to showcase your Sarees and have a great ramp walk. Nowadays, corporates and MNCs celebrating festivals and cultural events with saree as a dress code. While picking up Sarees for official events, make sure they are light weight and more of comfort. However for functions and Diwali parties you can be bold and choose the loud ones. For youngsters, Synthetic Sarees with different kinds of embroidery are in where as handlooms, pure silks and hand printed ones are suitable for the middle aged women. However, it all depends on the way you pair it with the blouse can help you to be a show stealer. So this Diwali, pick up a saree with a trendy blouse and make this festival a special one. --Bhavana

Silver Earrings ఎంత రెడీ అయినా అమ్మాయిలు ఇంకా అందంగా కనిపించాలంటే డ్రస్ కు తగ్గ చెవిరింగులు ఉండాల్సిందే. వాళ్లు ధరించే చెవి రింగులు, దిద్దులు లాంటి అలంకార సామగ్రి ఎనలేని అందానిస్తాయి. వాటిలో ఇప్పుడు సిల్వర్ ఇయర్ రింగ్స్ ఎక్కువగా ఇష్టపడుతున్నారు అమ్మాయిలు. ఏ డ్రస్ కైనా.. ట్రేడీషనల్ వేర్ అయితే ఇంకా పర్ ఫెక్ట్ గా మ్యాచ్ అయి న్యూలుక్ ఇస్తాయి. ఎలాగూ దీపావళి పండుగ కూడా దగ్గర్లో ఉంది కాబట్టి మీ డ్రస్ కు తగ్గ ఈ సిల్వర్ కలర్ ఇయర్ రింగ్స్ పెట్టుకొని దీపాల వెలుగులో సెంట్రాఫ్ ఎట్రాక్షన్ అవ్వండి.

Temporary Hair Tattoos Health experts are saying “NO” to tattoos on skin as well on hair. However, temporary tattoos are available in market for fashion creeks like us. We have to just apply them on hair or skin as per our choice, enjoy the glamour it brings to us and wash out when they become faded. For this Diwali,we will try to make our fashion statement with a bling on our hair using temporary hair tattoo. Temporary hair tattoos have come in to trend, when Hollywood actresses and international models started showing them off... Now, in market we get different packs of temporary metallic hair and body tattoos that come with sheet full of different designs. They come in both gold and silver shades and look like Flash Tattoos. For your hair. long tattoos look nice. Application of these tattoos is so very easy. Just need to take out the sticker, apply on hair and press with damp cloth. It will stay for 2-3 days or till you wash and brush your hair. For this Diwali parties, try these temporary tattoos on your hair; compliments will just flow in.. Happy Diwali! --Bhavana

Trendy "Ear cuffs" In this festive season, if you want to have an edge over the crowd and make your fashion statement, here comes “Ear cuffs” which are in Vogue now. Ear cuffs are coming in various designs right from black metal, white metal to gold and silver and fully studded. You can pair these ear cuffs with Indian wear and as well western wear depending upon your choice. When you are in Sarees or suits, go for Ear cuffs which are studded  with stones and pearls. You will also get Ear cuffs in kundan jewellery with jhumkis to give you heavy look. Ear cuffs are available in silver and goldplated jewellery too, for the people who wants to have very Indian look and perfect for the Diwali parties. With western outfits, metallic ear cuffs with long chain will look nice and chunky. Also try them in butterfly,leafy, feather  designs and in different motifs too. when ever you wear such chunky jeweller, ensure that your make up is also apt as per the attire.   --Bhavana

Little boys in Festive dresses Fashion for little boys asper parents is very narrow...they have very few items to choose from and very little choice. But when it comes to traditional wear, even boys have quite some good models of kurta pyjamas, dhotis, simple shirts and trousers to flaunt. Parents can explore good stores that market kids clothing and get the boys ready for post-Dassera Daandiya nights or for the coming up Diwali. Well, parents can never buy one piece and keep it for years with kids clothing as the sizes change and these little ones grow up so fast. Hence, spending moderately based on the occasion they need the dresses for is a smart way. Pairing up the kurta pyjamas or Dhoti Kurtas with very cute Mojaris will be the perfect look. For the toddlers, bring in Mom's wide neck chain with a large pendant and a Kadi for the arm will finish the attire. However, this is only for a picture or two, those little guys will not stay around Mom so safeguarding the jewellery is a must. The older guys of 7-8 yrs are ready with their own choices...make sure to keep 2-3 pairs of dresses to select from, otherwise your dressup time will be messed up. Those colorful sneakers maynot work out well as the kids grow up, buying shoes or sneakers in 1-2 colors is better as kids narrow down on their color choices as they grow. The festive season has not ended so gear up for all the fun !! --Pratyusha

Trendy watches ఎంత వెరైటీగా.. ఎంత ఢిపరెంట్ గా కనిపిస్తే అదే ఫ్యాషన్ అయిపోయింది ఈరోజుల్లో. రోజుకో ట్రెండీ ఐటమ్ మార్కెట్ లోకి వస్తుంది. ముఖ్యంగా అమ్మాయిలు ఈ ఫ్యాషన్ ను పాలో అవడంలో ముందుంటారు ఎప్పుడూ. అందులోనూ కాలేజ్ గోయింగ్ అమ్మాయిలు కొంచెం ఎక్కువ ఇంట్రస్ట్ చూపిస్తారు ట్రెండీగా కనిపించడానికి. అయితే ఎంత ట్రెండీగా రెడీ అయిన దానికి తగిన వాచ్ పెట్టుకోకపోతే అది ఇన్ కంప్లీట్ గానే ఉంటుంది. పర్ ఫెక్ట్ ట్రెండీ లుక్ రావాలంటే దానికి తగిన వాచ్ ఉండాల్సిందే. ఇప్పుడు మార్కెట్ లో రకరకాల ట్రెండీ వాచ్ లు దొరుకుతున్నాయి. మీరు కూడా ఓ లుక్కేయండి.