Fashionable and Cute Baby Portraits Photographs capture the best memories...who doesnot yearn for childhood photographs or pictures of ones best moments in life ! Child Birth and Birthdays, Milestones are the most captured moments in our lives. Fashion Photography has reached peaks and Baby portraits are in most demand these days. The best and easy ones are during the first couple of months of Child birth, thats when the baby sleeps for hours at a stretch and also during the day, however, the photographer and the parents need to have loads of patience to wait for the baby to sleep, instead of cry, cry and cry for hours on a bad mood day ! But the outcome is so adorable like the ones in the pictures attached here...some very talented portrait makers have captured these amazing photographs of some overly cuddlesome babies. Preparing for the photo session is a big task, the parents need to consult the best photographer in town, take an appointment, discuss the theme and finalise the package...the amount is not at all small. Parents should not fall for the different attractive offers the make and end up giving them a huge bill. Make up your mind and stick to the budget, strictly. I am telling this by expereince !! Shopping for the baby's costumes is sometimes on the parents, sometimes the portrait maker provides just the props etc. Hoping the Big day should be the baby's best mood day too. Prepping up for all the necessary baby items and making it to the photo parlour, and once the session begins, the baby should be asleep, thats when the majic happens. Family portraits are bigger tasks, everyone has to dress up well. Put aside all the hard work, it might be just a photo for others, but what comes out is a dream come true for the parents. It is a master piece in the whole house..and a treasure forever for the parents only...the child might grow up and feel shy looking at his/ her baby days huge photo on the wall and say 'Remove it please'. - Prathyusha Talluri

Cute Backpacks for Kids   School days and finishing one whole year is just one backpack is an old know it all ! Which backpack is trendy and which ones old their decision...parents agree that most kids these days have become choosy. Why not think twice when buying what they choose.Backpacks have become a heavy affair with some schools these days... sametime some institutions are making sure to not let the kids carry the load. Orthopedic backpacks have become famous in this scenario. Trolley bags have entered the schools too. Easy to pull and convertible to a light weight bag are the key features. Some stores are even manufacturing Eco- friendly, Recycled Material bags, some stuff the parents can be proud of ! Colors used in their production are also non- toxic, however, they are a little pricey, yet long lasting, let alone, a child is ready to use it for years. Favorite Cartoon characters and Names, Movie Personalities appear first on these bags for an attractive look. Many online luggage stores and lifestyle stores are selling schools bags and backpacks. Shopping has become easier with a regular store also maintaining online shopping feature. Thee school bags work perfectly as Birthday when are you packing one stylish piece ?! - Prathyusha Talluri

Perfect "Cholis"    This is month "Ashaadham"as per Telugu calendar and "Aadi" according Tamil calendar. Festive season is just round the corer for most of the south Indian girls. That's the reason we see so many offers and discount hoardings everywhere. And the coming up telugu month, "Sravanamasam" is exclusively celebrated by girls, then, this is definately a right time to talk about fashion. In this fun filled fashion season, Its needless to say about the " Lehenga choli" which set the new trend. This attire was even showcased at Lakme Fashion show which drew attention of fashion lovers across the Globe. Though "Lehenga Choli" is typical south Indian design, it won all the hearts of northIndians , celebrities and page3 crowd now. When it comes to us, the coming up holy month "sravanam" is the right time to flaunt with our very own tradional attire" lehenga cholis". These can be worn for so many occasions but looks great when you know to match well according to the events. Today, we will talk about "Cholis", which can be designed in various ways as per the occasion to pair it with "Lehengas". If your occasion is "Pooja" or any small function then, look to that your Cholis is simple and eligant. Heavy Cholis are suitable for the events like wedding or engagements. However, you can go for heavy ones for the small occassions as long as you are the" host". heavy Cholis look good on plain Lehengas with borders or laces. When your Cholis are sober and cute then you can pair it up with heavy Lehengas or Sarees with brocade and borders. On a heavy Cholis, try to avoid jewellery on neck and minimize to earrings only. If you want to wear heavy jewellery then, simple Cholis are the right option. "Back open cholis", "halter neck ones" give very trendy look, nevertheless mega sleeves and sleeve less blouses will be in trend forever. Now a days you can experiment with your Cholis with full sleeves. However, fashion is not about wearing the newly available cloths but its all about the way you carry and the comfort you feel. When you pick up a "choli" , make sure that it fits you well and you look confident and comfortable. - Bhavana

Hitec ornaments Have you ever thought of wearing technology related products as your ornaments? Beyond our imagination, many technology gadget companies are collaborating with designers to give new shape to their devices.This new experiment once again proved that creativity has no limits. Most interesting fact here is, all these inventions are in line with safety and security along with trendy stuff. When, we all techsavy people want to be in trend, then must look at these new wearable gadgets. Smart watch: this is a wrist watch which can be sinchronised with your smart phone, so that you need not search your mobile or take out from your purse when want to make a call or to answer calls. This has a pedpedometer built inside, helps to count your calories while you workout. So many features are incorporated in this devise which is hands free while driving and has all the qualities of smart phone. Ear rings/ bracelet cum pen drive: These accessories look very fashobale and even more handy with the technology it is attached with. They are regular ear rings, bracelets and lockets,but can be used to plug and play to download and store data when required. Sounds great!! Isn't it? Imagine yourself wearing an accessory containing all the info you need. Smart jewellery: Using technology for our security purposes is a brilliant idea; this thought made our designers to come up with a concept of creating "smart jewellery". They have designed finger rings, chains, which will have a small botton inside. When you are in need of help, by pressing single butbutton, it can alert people as per the info you have fed in the system, through their smart devises and helps them to trace your location. There are various products from different companies, coming up as a result of R&D, just to bring out the smartest life to you through their trendy gadgets. Are you ready??  - Bhavana

Stylish Women and their Waist Belts ! When it comes to getting dress up in western wear, a pair of trousers or jeans s common, sometimes skirts come in too, but they are make these simple costumes stylish is the job of a nice or trendy waist belt. These come in various styles and are made of pretty good number of materials , some with pure leather, faux leather, wool, silk, jute, fabric etc. Vert wide belts and very sleek belts, very metallic belts and extremely stone embellised belts provide various options when looking to buy belts.The South Indiantraditional gold waist belts have made a grand entrance into the fashion market, many western jewellery stores are making gold versions of the simple leather belts, these dont have carvings or embellishments on them. How one wears these belts is yet another topic....if a waist belt is long enough, it can be roped around a waist and a good looking knot made to tranform the long one into a style statement...some come with buckles, some with velcros, and some with the press buttons, and few others need tying unlike the men's waist belts that can be usually buckled. Where at the waist we fix these belts depends on our body height, upper body height, waist to height ration can transform her lower body the other way by wearing the right clothes and by fixing it with the right color and size of the waist belt, wearing it loosely or tightly. Waist belts not only offer a formal look at work, they also showcase a fashionista in you, who is sometimes traditional and sometimes wearing a serene western look...all by the right waist belt at the right time!!! - Prathyusha Talluri

  Floral which goes viral Women have very close connection with flowers and women always remained as symbolic to beauty and flowers and vice versa. similarly, floral prints have become part of our wardrobe since ages as this design never can become obsolete in terms of fashion trends. That could be the only reason why designers always prefer to have floral prints included in their exclusive collections such as bridal collection, beach ware, business ware and for kids every designer feels incomplete if their designs are not made out of floral prints. The only reason behind the demand for this Floral prints are, they can be worn any time irrespective of season. You have so many color combinations, and sizes as you can pick them up suitable to your figure age and also fabric. For western ware, pick up small prints, especially you are going for casual shirts or tops. They also look stylish and graceful if worn according to the age. Working girls can try to pick fine prints as they look cool and apt for the place; you may choose bright or pastel colors based on the occasion. If you are healthy, then pick up dark colors with small or medium prints. Prints like hibiscus, chrysanthemum will look good when the background colors are dark. They are suitable to everyone and make you look funky if you were with nice accessories. Floral prints are definitely nice choice for your interiors. For bedrooms and dining hall they have a power of brightening up your place. Floral prints for bed sheets and curtains is in trend for all time; but ensure that your outfit is not matching with your furnishings. Remember, floral prints can pep up your mood and make you feel vibrant. Simultaneously then can also be viral. So go floral happily and stand out!! - Bhavana

  Waist coat- your new fashion statement   If you believe that, Trend is to break the rules,unwind the routine, do something different. Then you are undoutedly a fashion lover. However, being different in the way you look surely leave your mark in your pal group. But, practically speaking, to be trendy yet in the comfortable way needs a constant effort all time.To make you job simple, we bring you few tips to makeover your looks and this time its coming up in connection with your dress sense and that is none other than waist coats, which is a new wave in the market.Waist coats can be worn by teaming up with jeans and Tees, with kuthis or even with Sarees. If you are in search of contemporary look, yet don't want to let go your comfort you find in Capri's and jeans, then adding waist coats to your wardrobe can help you a lot. Specially for girls who need to attend traditional functions, but are not comfortable in "heavy anarkali" suits or girls who can't carry "Half Sarees" can opt for the waist coats made with banaras silk fabric or with embroidery work or fabric paints and block prints.Such kind of dresses make you look very special in the crowd. Waist coats are awesome in comfort and elegant when you pair it up with nice kurthis. Especially for Woking girls and college girls, this can replace your "chunnies" and "dupattas" , still can rewrite a new fashion statement for you.So girls, hurry up for a new addition to your wardrobe which can keep up your tendy looks. - Bhavana

  Hair Styles for Little Girls  My oh My!! The Little Girls look so cute in their bright dresses and tiny feet....their accesories are amazing...for all those Moms who cherish dressing up their little girls, there are interesting days ahead..every occasion is a dream to see them like Little Princesses. I have one and i adore her innocent looks and excited face when she looks at herself in the mirror, dressed cutely. If your Little one has enough long hair, then you've gotta spend more time dressing her up, forget about you now! Here are some ideas for her hair if you have patience to spend more minutes at the dresser. The web has ideas galore....some easy and quick, some complicated and time-taking....yet, they are all going to make our girls look cuter. Buy the perfect suitable hair accesories and receive compliments for your little lady. Starting from hair clips to the perfectly matched shoes, the little girls are adorable when dressed up, and cute when simply dressed even. Plan to start the dress up session early, so that the hair style you are trying comes well, without flaws..even if you mess up a little, dont worry too much, with the jumping and twirling they do, any hairstyle you make is going to fade away...just look at the wonderful smile the little girls carry... Who has the camer -  Prathyusha Talluri

HeadBands for Girls Fashion for Little Girls is unique by style. Not just frocks and dresses, accesories play a major role in dressing up the little girls, be it for parties, ceremonies or for photoshoots when making family portraits. Head Bands have become famous enough in the past couple of years. However, head bands made for baby girls are not the same as head bands for older girls or toddlers. These are made of soft fabrics, satin, crochet etc., not with hard plastic. DIYers are making the most innovative head bands for baby girls and newborns, some with used T-shirts, Satin ribbons, soft jute fabric, silk threads, wool, and everything soft and knittable for the extremely soft heads. Embellishments are Pearly beads, buttons, soft decorative flowers, crochetted flowers, some artists are even using fresh flowers to weave an instant headband...when are you trying your hand at it?! _pratyusha.T

SunGlasses for Little Girls Summer this time has been extremely harsh...we think of air coolers, ACs for the indoors..and Umbrellas, Going out in cars, Sun Protection Lotions etc for the outdoors, but considering to buy a pair of Sun glasses for everyone in the family is a good and kind thing, these days. Ophthalmologists are suggesting everyone uses Eyewear to protect the eyes from harmful UVrays, during any season of the year, except for the very few Rainy and Winter months. Even the kids get to wear their favorite pair of glasses...not just snatching the ones the grandparents wear!! Not many stores in India are selling Kidswear eye glasses, but across the western countries, these are available in quite a good range........a few we could find for you here....try purchasing one such good quality sunshades for the littel girls or boys in the family...who says they dont like flaunting their new fashionable glasses!! -Pratyusha.T

  Interesting Book Shelves-2    Book shelves need not be typically old fashioned....experiments and utterly new ideas can freshen up the style and the looks....and they solve the purpose too. Some perspective and proper design techniques can create an interesting book shelf...which can be used for multiple purposes.   Shelves that resemble deep photo frames can be used as book shelves and also in other rooms for several uses, like spice racks, showcase, jewellery storage etc.....Wooden shelves with grooves to hold the books from falling off, Metal pipes fixed a few inches away from the wall to hold books, serve as perfect book storage and to display our most cherished book collections in a creative way.   With the help of a talented carpenter, designing shelves in the form of trees and branches, or a wooden pole resembling christmas tree etc can be easily possible. The web has so many plans and designs to provide quick and easy solution to creating a wonderful book shelf for the book lover in you! Interesting Book Shelves, models book shelves, different types of book shelves, book shelves models. Pratyusha.T

  Interesting Book Shelves    Books, books and books can even change a person into a worm!!!! Not everyone can read books...seriously...thats true. For the book lovers, collecting books starts as one, and what ends up is a big huge shelf of books, boxes and bags of old books...and on and on.    When one cherishes reading books why should they be hidden in boxes or bags?! Bring them out and are some cool designs of book shelves. Most of us have never seen such designs, these can be custom made by carpenters and some can be built in concrete, some are also arriving as easy to assemble pieces, available in quite good number of furniture stores across the world. We shall see some more extremely interesting book shelf designs in our upcoming articles.  - pratyusha.T

Add some funky junk to your comfy Attires Yesterday I've shared some comfy summer attires  and today I'll suggest some accessories to pair up those attires which will more style. If your opting frock for today's evening for a dinner or movie, Try these collar  shaped neck pieces  which look as if it's the part of your attire and gives total new look. If you're going with the desi skirts, you can just wear an anklet  which will compliment the look. If the skirt is of knee length prefer a thick anklet, when it is upto your ankle prefer a nice thin anklet . If you choose trendy Pallazo which I recommend first add little more funk wearing a loose shirt and wear an Arm bracelet  which will add royal look to you're attire. Avoid bangles to hand you're wearing Arm Bracelet.  You are all set to look like diva with these funky accessories. -Alekya.N

This Summer step out with Comfort and Style.. Pallazos can be one of the smart choices. The loose fit bottom you can pair up with short tops or a kurthi would also do  wear simple jewels like studs or just a simple chain when you opt a short top. Next best outfit is Skirts, lets them frilly, long , knee length. Super comfort is all yours. Let the skirts have lots tribal  prints, bells hanging to the waist which will add Indian tadka. Frocks, gowns . Old Fashion ? Nothing wrong , Refresh that Retro look wearing simple cotton frocks. You can just put  on some nice shades and  a hat which can protect you from Sharp hitting sun also becomes a style statement. So girls you'll are  set to  get off the heat with these cool attires. -Alekya.N

Cute Necklaces for Little Girls The Cute, Little Girls always grab our attention !!! Moms dont bother about their looks specially when there is a sweet girl to dress up. Here are some ideas to decorate their tender necks. Some very talented artists have created beautiful and cute necklaces for little girls, kudos to their talent and interest. Off the counter, we can find many of these designs but few are still in their budding stages of patenting and marketing. Crochets, laces, chains, beads, gumballs, sequins, pearls, jute, wool, silk threads etc...whatnot...anything and everything soft can be used to make necklaces for their soft skin. Usually artists avoid harmful and sharp objects in making necklaces for kids. Their accesories come in soft, pastel colors and bright hues too, depending on the season they are worn. All the necklaces shown in pictures here have been created by various artists whose creativity demands much appreciation and we demand their products to be marketed and available across the world, as they are pretty and adorable too!! -Pratyusha.T

బ్లౌజ్ సెలక్షన్ కోసం ఎన్ని డ్రస్స్ మోడల్స్ వచ్చినా, ఎన్ని డిజైన్స్ వచ్చినా ఆడవాళ్లకు చీర తెచ్చే అందమే వేరు. కాని చీర ఒక్కటే బావుంటే చాలదు దానికి తగ్గట్టు బ్లౌజ్ కూడా ఉండాలి. ఎందుకంటే శారీ అందమంతా బ్లౌజ్ లోనే ఉంటుందనడంలో సందేహం లేదు. సో ట్రెండీ గా బ్లౌజుల ఎలా సెలక్ట్ చేసుకోవాలో డిజైనర్ భావన గారు చూపిస్తున్నారు ఎలాగో చూద్దాం.

Crafts with Buttons for Teens This summer, lets keep even the younger teens busy. Teens like junk jewellery...we learnt about quite few crafts with buttons, here are some ideas to make crafty items for teenagers. * We need some hemp or Jute thread * Trasparent embroidery wire * Fevicol or Elmer's Glue All * Your favorite items that can be decorated with buttons Some DIY friendly artists used Buttons to make bracelets with Jute thread. They used single buttons, we can use as many number of buttons as we like, or even embroidery wire to weave bracelets. And Some artists used buttons to decorate Sun shades. This summer vacation can be interesting without boredom when parents can keep their kids and teens busy making crafts with the silly buttons. -pratyusha.t

వెరైటీ సాక్స్ ల లుక్కే వేరు సాక్స్ లంటే స్కూల్ పిల్లలు వేసుకునే వన్న అభిప్రాయం ఎప్పుడో పోయింది. షూస్ తోనే కాదు చెప్పులతో కూడా ఇవి ఎప్పుడో జతకట్టాయి. చిన్న పిల్లల నుంచి టీనేజ్ అమ్మాయిలు, అమ్మలు, చివరికి బామ్మలు కూడా ఈ సాక్స్ వేసుకోవటానికి ఇష్టపడుతున్నారు. ఎందుకంటే వారి వారి అవసరాలకి, ఫాషన్ కి తగ్గట్ట్టు వాటిని రూపొందిస్తున్నారు కాబట్టి... కేవలం రంగు రంగులే కాదు పువ్వులు, పక్షులు, జంతువులు, ఫన్ని మెస్సేజులు తో ఎన్నో రకాల సాక్స్ లు... మార్కెట్ లో దొరుకుతున్నాయి. 1. అలాగే టో సాక్స్ లని, ఏ వేలికా వేలు విడివిడిగా కదిలించేందుకు వీలుగా రూపొందించారు. ఇవి కాలేజీ అమ్మాయిలకి ఎంతో నచ్చే వెరైటీ. 2. రిఫ్లేక్సాలజి సాక్స్ ల గురించి విన్నారా ?...ఇవి వేసుకుంటే మసాజ్ చేసుకోవటం సులువు.  మడమలో ఒకో ప్రాంతం శరీరంలోని ఒకో భాగానికి ప్రతీకలుగా నిలుస్తుంది. ఆ ప్రాంతాలని సులువుగా గుర్తించేందుకు ఈ సాక్సులు ఉపయోగ పడతాయి. 3. అందంగా కనిపించే లేస్ తో చేసిన సాక్స్ లు, వేసే డ్రెస్ బట్టి డిజిటల్ ప్రింట్స్ తో ఆకర్షణీయం గా కనిపించే ఎన్నో రకాల సాక్స్ లుని ఇప్పుడు అమ్మాయిలు ఇష్టపడుతున్నారు. 4. ఇప్పుడు లేటెస్ట్ గా మెసేజ్ సాక్స్ లు దొరుకుతున్నాయి. వీటి ద్వారా డిఫరెంట్ లుక్ తో పాటు మెసేజ్ కూడా ఇచ్చినట్టుంటుంది. మరి మీరు కూడా ఓపిగ్గా షాపింగ్ చేసి ఈ వెరైటీ సాక్స్ లని కోనేయండి... -రమ