Something that keeps changing and repeating?! Fashion Trend...

Dresses, designs, colors, looks..all follow a trend, sometimes they are new, sometimes they are the old revamped ones. Footwear industry follows a trend, a season, an economy too. A few new designs that are basically inspired by the olden designs are hot now.

With summer fast arriving in India, the flat soles would occupy the top shelves and the high heel versions rule every season anyways.


For a lady who is used to wearing slight heeled versions, changing to a flat option suddenly would be shocking to her feet. The bones and nerves are not ready, so gradual change to flatter versions is suggested. However, wearing high heels often is not good for health, everyone suggests. It might be boring to hear the same story, but on a long run one can't escape but will realise.



Wrong shoe size might result in foot corns and bad blood circulation. Afternoons are the best to buy footwear, thats when the feet breathe well and are in their actual size. So this time you want to buy a new pair, you might have to get permission from work or college to leave early.


- Prathyusha Talluri