Regal Crown Braids


Braids are a timeless hairstyle starting from the Grecian era. It was popular with the royalty and have been reinvented by the fashion  designers for their shows. It is constantly evolving and these braided hairstyles work well for those in the ramp and on the road.
Old world braids give a new style to the three-strand braid. They could be messy and full of texture or they can be soft crown braids. The old world braided crown is simply a 3-strand braid rather than the common French braided crowns that have been trendy. So if you are looking for simpler crown braids try this old world braid. Follow these steps for getting this simple yet  regal look.

1.Part your hair in the middle, then separate into two sections. Secure one side while you work with the other, so they don't get mixed up.
2.Take the loose side and start at the nape of the neck, splitting it into three strands.
3.Work across the top of the forehead until you finish the braid, and secure the end with an elastic. Just let it hang until you complete the other side.
4.With the opposite side, you start at the top of the head, instead of the bottom. Split it into three parts and do the same inside-out braid you did before, but work around the side of the head, finishing near the nape.
5. With each braid tied with elastic, you can secure them with Bob pins to keep them in place, and tuck the tails underneath the other braid to hide them. It should look like a "crown" of braids, ringing about your head. Finish with a bit of hairspray.