1. Make remote buttons glow in the dark: There comes a point of time in every household when the buttons of a remote lose their print and one ends up pressing the wrong button or changing the channel, especially after the lights are dimmed. Put an end to this problem by painting the frequently used buttons of your remotes with glow in the dark nail polish. You may even mark some other important objects like the A/C remote, medicine boxes, with the glow in the dark nail polish to locate them easily in dark.

2. Small cover up jobs on your car can be difficult and expensive. If your car gets a rock chip or other small chip, you can look for a colour that matches closely and dab a little on it to cover it up. This tip works only on very small scratches and chips though.

3. Colour code all your keys so that it is easy to spot

4. A quick fix for this is dipping the end of your thread in a small amount of nail polish for easy thread-ability.

5. Smudge proof your labels and items that rust easily. Dab a coat of clear nail polish on items that might smudge, like plant labels, to seal an envelope and protect addresses, especially when you are sending them on a rainy day.

6. Clear nail polish is very useful to prevent fabrics from fraying. Quickly apply clear nail polish on the frayed edges of dresses, little girls’ ribbons, laces when they unravel and tights when you are in a hurry and need to save time.

7. Use a bright coloured nail polish to creatively mark measurement cups, children’s mugs or cereal bowls to prevent siblings from fighting over them!

8. Clear nail polish comes in handy when you have to thread a needle and also to make the thread on the shirt buttons last longer.

9. Apply a coat of nail polish before you screw in those screws and nuts that are always coming off loose from cupboards, drawers, hinges, pans etc. If you ever need to unscrew them, a quick turn with a wrench will click them open.

10. Tarnish your artificial, inexpensive costume jewellery to add a sparkle to it. Use nail polish on the underside of jewellery or wrist watches, if you are allergic to some metals so that it doesn’t come in contact with your skin directly.

Now here are a couple of tips to make those nail polishes last longer:

1. Nail polish stays fresh and lasts longer when stored in the refrigerator. Store them all together in one small plastic container.

2. Wipe the threads of your nail polish bottle and cap with a little cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover when you are done using it. It will open easily, the next time

3. Roll the nail polish bottle between your palms instead of vigorously shaking them which causes bubbles to form in them.


- Veena ShyamRaja