Tips to Treat Leg Pain

Tips to Treat Leg Pain

* Drink plenty of water and take a food with high calcium and potassium contents.

* Apply ice or a cold pack to the area where the leg pains are. Ice works by numbing the area.

* It is advisable to do some leg stretching exercise that will improve your blood circulation and give you relieve from leg pain.

* While taking bath pouring of lukewarm water on the legs would be really beneficial.

* Avoid high heels as there are chances to slip and so to twist your legs.

* Mix turmeric powder, lime juice and salt and make a fine paste. Apply this paste on your affected areas. It will give you quick relief from pain and help to remove the leg pain.

* Daily massage your legs, this will surely help you in overcoming leg pain.

* Take balanced diet including green vegetables, carrots, sugarcane, banana etc.

* Protect your legs from cold and so wearing skirts and shorts those exposes legs are not advisable in extreme winter.