Fashionable and Cute Baby Portraits

Photographs capture the best memories...who doesnot yearn for childhood photographs or pictures of ones best moments in life ! Child Birth and Birthdays, Milestones are the most captured moments in our lives. Fashion Photography has reached peaks and Baby portraits are in most demand these days. The best and easy ones are during the first couple of months of Child birth, thats when the baby sleeps for hours at a stretch and also during the day, however, the photographer and the parents need to have loads of patience to wait for the baby to sleep, instead of cry, cry and cry for hours on a bad mood day ! But the outcome is so adorable like the ones in the pictures attached here...some very talented portrait makers have captured these amazing photographs of some overly cuddlesome babies.

Preparing for the photo session is a big task, the parents need to consult the best photographer in town, take an appointment, discuss the theme and finalise the package...the amount is not at all small. Parents should not fall for the different attractive offers the make and end up giving them a huge bill. Make up your mind and stick to the budget, strictly. I am telling this by expereince !!

Shopping for the baby's costumes is sometimes on the parents, sometimes the portrait maker provides just the props etc. Hoping the Big day should be the baby's best mood day too. Prepping up for all the necessary baby items and making it to the photo parlour, and once the session begins, the baby should be asleep, thats when the majic happens. Family portraits are bigger tasks, everyone has to dress up well. Put aside all the hard work, it might be just a photo for others, but what comes out is a dream come true for the parents. It is a master piece in the whole house..and a treasure forever for the parents only...the child might grow up and feel shy looking at his/ her baby days huge photo on the wall and say 'Remove it please'.

- Prathyusha Talluri