Rules to get perfect eyebrows


Find the best method:

There are many methods that are used to shape eyebrows and remove unwanted hair. Waxing is one of the most common methods hair removal. However, for eyebrows, people prefer threading or tweezing. Threading is the Indian method of removing hair. A cotton thread is used to take out hair from the brows. Similarly, tweezing is another method to pluck out hair. You need to be an expert to use a tweezer.


Pick up a shape:

There are many types of eyebrow shapes that you can try. However, stick to the one that suits the shape of your face. It is a basic rule to get the perfect shape of eyebrows. Round, angled, soft angled, curved and flat are few eyebrow shapes that are seen widely.


Tweezers for small hair:

This is another rule that you can follow to shape your eyebrows. If you have very less hair growth and want to remove few strands of hair, do not use thread or wax. Just pick up a tweezer and pluck it out gently. Hold the skin tight and when you grab the hair with the tweezer, pluck it. Use good quality tweezers that have sharp slanted edges and closes down tightly on the hair.


Remove from the direction of the growth:

Always remove the hair from the direction of the hair growth. This is one of the most important beauty rules to pluck eyebrows. Be it waxing, tweezing or threading, pluck the hair carefully. This will not damage the shape of the eyebrows.


Ease the plucking pain:

Many people want to know the remedies to prevent or cure plucking pain. If your skin burns and pains a lot, apply a teething gel on the brows before you pluck to numb the area. You can remove eyebrows after taking a shower or washing the face. Water softens the skin and opens the pores. Thus, removing hair becomes easier.


Do not do it weekly:

Give some time for your eyebrows to grow. If you want to shape them, the hair growth should be appropriate to help you get the arch. If you do it weekly, the shape and arch of the brows will be damaged and you will also thin your eyebrows.


These are few rules that you should follow in order to get perfectly shaped eyebrows.