Best Summer Foods


Have you ever wondered why most people suffer from stomach ailments and viral infections during the summer months? The reason is simple. We don’t cool our bodies enough. Even if you include half a bowl of pure curd with every meal, it will largely

benefit you. If you tire of curd easily, include curd based drinks, lassi or even buttermilk along with every meal.The best way to get through summer without compromising on your health is by avoiding foods that heat your body and stomach.

Primarily, meat products, eggs and most protein rich foods do so.It is best to avoid them and instead consume platefuls of lightly cooked vegetables. Sometimes, it isn’t about consuming the right foods during summer, as much as it’s about the right cooking and preparation technique. In this sense, use fewer spices, because too many of them can definitely make matters worse. Use smaller quantities of heat rich spices like ginger and red chilli.

Consume small quantities of every vegetable you can avail of in your local market, the key to balanced health is after all balanced variety.

Summer is the season to binge on fresh fruits and fresh juices. Fruits like watermelon, all kinds of citrus fruits, apples, grapes, bananas, melons are known to hydrate the body or boost it with more energy in one way or other. During the summer months, you tend to sweat more.  This can lead to dehydration if you don’t consume the right foods and cooling, hydrating drinks.

 Cucumbers have long since known to be the best kind of cooling food. If you consume a few pieces daily, it will definitely keep away upset stomachs and summer illnesses and bugs. Try to chill the cucumber before eating it so that it tastes better.

You can decorate it with various kinds of seasoning to add more flavour to it.

 It isn’t exactly a delicious thought to consume a whole lemon, but by keeping a piece in your mouth for a few minutes when out in the sun, it can help you stay hydrated and fresh.

No food would be right enough if you don’t have enough water. Summer is the time to focus on your thirst! You will always find yourself thirsty this season. So be sure to keep drinking cooling beverages, juices and water throughout.