Fitness Tips for Housewives

Fitness is important for both men and women. In this article, let us see the health tips for women. Most of them are common and suits the other gender also.

* Have balanced diet. It plays important role in your health. Monitor body weight and maintain correct weight for your age and height. If you over-weighted consult a doctor or dietician who can help you to shed some KGs. Consume food with high fiber and low fat contents.

* Drink water in plenty. Water is the elixir of life. One should consume eight glasses of water per day irrespective of the place and climate they live in. Water cleans the impurities from body. Especially lactating women should drink more water than usual amount.

* Enough amounts of Vitamins and Calcium should be supplemented to the body. Calcium reduces cramps and Pre Menstrual Period Symptoms (PMS). Calcium also prevents Osteoporosis for menopausal women. Vitamin-E avoids wrinkles when aging.

* Smoking is generally a bad habit and if it is women, smoking can easily spoil the health. Importantly pregnant women who smoke pass the harmful tobacco contents into child’s bloodstream. A woman who smoke and drink may get affected by breast cancer.

* Do some exercises daily. If you don’t have time to hit the GYM, then follow some simple activities in day to day life. Use steps instead of elevator or escalator, walk to places wherever you can, play with kids and involve in some kind of physical activities often. Women can also learn yoga and aerobics to maintain their health.

* Women are prone to stress more than men. Stress leads to various health issues. So avoid getting stressed. Relax as much as you can when you are about to get stressed. Read a book, watch out a good television show, spend time with friends, go for shopping, etc. Also don’t forget to sleep well.

* Use an effective sunscreen whenever you go out. Wear caps and hats to prevent you from harmful Sun’s rays. But don’t cover your body fully. Your skin needs little exposure to sun as sun’s rays contain some Vitamins in it.

* Have a health check up done monthly. In case of sickness or illness consult a doctor immediately before it get any worse. A gynecologist should be checked after a girl attains puberty.