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Writing Implements
Product Name : Parker Sonnet Laque Black GT Fountain Pen
Product Details : Parker Sonnet Laque Black GT Fountain Pen
The Sonnet offers the ultimate writing experience with the ultimate in choice. With a wide selection of modes , three variations of coloured lacquer finishes and the classic stainless steel option , the original collection is as appealing as it ever was. The Sonnet range is truly timeless..... but always of the moment .
The darkest possible gloss finish with successive coats of lacquer on a brass base with 23K V-shaped arrow patterned plated stainless steel nib (GT) or nickel / palladium plated trim and Vshaped arrow patterned stainless nib (CT).
Two nib styles : "V" engraved 23Kgold plated stainless steel , "V" engraved stainless steel .
Standard nib grades avaiilable in extra fine, fine, medium and broad. Non - standard nib grades available including oblique, reverse oblique and italic.
Fitted with twin-channelled ink feed and collector system.
Fitted with de luxe piston fill converter for bottled ink .
Convertible for use with ink cartridges.
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