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Barbie Dolls
Product Details : Barbie doll is sure to be a constant company for your little one wherever she goes. Offered as a gift, besotted Barbie fans are sure to lap it up with glee. The collection is a surefire winner as the gift of choice. With such a delightful collection of outfits and accessories, your little girl will revel in the role play and plentiful interaction when she plays with friends. Glamour and style arrive in a stylish ensemble with the doll set put together to enchant your little one. Watch your little Barbie fan go Ga Ga over the exquisite Barbie Glam Fashion Collection and spend her time in fascinated role play.
Key Features :
Brand :Barbie
Age:3 years+
Interesting set of 1 glamorous doll set
Girls will enjoy dressing up the doll for glamorous evenings
Fun engaging play for little girls
Watch your girl dress up Barbie
Encourages role play and interaction
Ideal gift for Barbie fans
1 Mermaid Gown, 1 Pink Gown, 1 Jewelry, 1 Purse, 1 Silvery Shoes, 1 Gold Gown, 1 Mini Dress, 1 Pink Bubble Dress, 1 Barbie Doll, 5 Fashions and Accessories, 1 Tiara, Shawl
Product code : X3497
Price :
Unit/Units : 1
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