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Tara Chowdary Case: The Complete Story

on Apr 5, 2012

tara chowdary case, tara chowdhary case, tara chowdary clients list, tara chowdary vip clientele, vips in tara chowdary diary, tara cowdary sex racket probe, tara chowdary call list, tara chowdary laptop details, tara chowdary connections  With the arrest of a starlet Tara Chowdary by the Banjara Hills police on charges of allegedly forcing a girl from Vizag into prostitution, has opened a pandora's box. Day by day more skeletons are tumbling out of cupboard exposing her nexus with politicians, businessmen, IAS and police officers.

During the probe so far, the police could unearth startling details of her nefarious activities of flesh trade and blackmail. Through the CDs, phone-call list and laptop seized from her, police could come to the conclusion that:
* Tara Chowdary has a network of brothels spread far and wide.
* She spread her tentacles across to lure VIP clients.
* She cheated young girls into sex trade.
* She had contacts with bigwigs.
* MPs and political leaders were her clients.
* Top businessmen too were her regular customers.
* Tara was shooting the sex acts by installing spy cams..
* She blackmailed politicians threatening to expose their sexapades
* The brothel madam collected Rs 25 lakh from an MP (?)
* She has connections with underground mafia
* She gave a supari to kill a businessman from Kurnool

No doubt the Tara episode is sending shivers among the VIP clientele of hers. Many of the politicians, IAS officers, businessmen and police officers, whose mobile numbers were found in her call-list, are a worried lot nowadays. The case has already created a huge sensation, but no one can say what would happen to it subsequently. It is to be waited and seen, whether the VIPs involved will be exposed or like many other cases, Tara Chowdary episode will also go into the oblivion.




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