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Alia Bhatt shocking behaviour in night club

on Jun 8, 2018


Alia Bhatt mesmerizes everyone with her acting skills in her films , Recently in Raazi also she did the same , she seems to be like a lovely bubbly dovey type actor in pressmeets and other events but recently a shocking truth was revealed in a popular blogging website that Alia Bhatt showed disgusting behaviour against a waiter in the night club and this issue was shared by him in the famous blogging portal he revealed that Alia Bhatt showed most arrogant behaviour by shooing and sternly turing away and even for orderplacing also she would be tell her friend and her friend would be doing it . Poor waiter felt that she couldnt lower herself to speak to the petty waiter and after the waiter serving for 3 hrs and at the end during billing there is a portion for the tip instead of leaving it blank Alia Bhatt wrote zero . He expressed that he was professional and he did what he supposed to eventhough he wanted to walk out from there , He just expressed one thing Money cant buy class or manners and he also said that he served many bollywood actors in his 3 years night club job but Alia is the rudest among all

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